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Results: 79 researchers found.
MISAWA HiroakiGraduate School of Science, Planetary Plasma and Atomospheric Reserch Center
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Geophysics
Associate Professor
MIURA SatoshiGraduate School of Science, Research Center for Prediction of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions, Crustal Physics LaboratoryProfessor
MIYAMOTO TsuyoshiCenter for Northeast Asian Studies, Department of Basic Studies, Division of GeochemistryAssistant Professor
MUKUHIRA YusukeInstitute of Fluid Science, Innovative Energy Research Center (IER), Energy Resources Geomechanics Laboratory
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Assistant Professor
MURATA IsaoGraduate School of Environmental Studies, Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment, Solar and Terrestrial Systems and Energy Sciences, Earth Sytem Monitoring and Instrumentation
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Geophysics
Associate Professor
MUTO JunGraduate School of Science, Earth Science, Division of Geosphere EvolutionAssociate Professor
NAGAHAMA HiroyukiGraduate School of Science, Earth ScienceProfessor
NAGASE ToshiroThe Center for Academic Resources and Archives, The Tohoku University Museum, Research department, Conservation division
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Earth Science, Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science, Research Group of Mineralogy
Associate Professor
NAKAGAWA HiromuGraduate School of Science, Geophysics, Solar,Planetary and Space Physics, Planetary Atmosphere Physics LaboratoryAssistant Professor
NAKAHARA HisashiGraduate School of Science, GeophysicsAssociate Professor
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