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AKAMATSU TakashiGraduate School of Information Sciences, Department of Human-Social Information Sciences, Infrastructure Planning, Road Transportation and TrafficProfessor
FUKUDA YuCenter for Northeast Asian Studies, Department of Research Projects, Disaster Humanities UnitAssistant Professor
FUKUSHIMA YoInternational Research Institute of Disaster Science, Disaster Science Division, Marine Geodesy
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science
Associate Professor
GOTO KazuhisaInternational Research Institute of Disaster Science, Hazard and Risk Evaluation Research Division, Science and technology for low-frequency Risk Evaluation
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Earth Science, .........., Natural disaster
Associate Professor
HIRANO Shin-ichiGraduate School of Science, Earth ScienceAssociate Professor
IMAMURA FumihikoInternational Research Institute of Disaster Science, Hazard and Risk Evaluation Research Division, Tsunami Engineering
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
ITOH TakeshiGraduate School of Economics and Management, Department of Economics and Management, Systems Science GroupProfessor
KARIKAWA DaisukeGraduate School of Engineering, Department of Management Science and Technology, Science, Technology and Society, Risk Assessment and ManagmentAssociate Professor
KITANI ShinobuGraduate School of Agriculture, Division of Biological Resource Sciences, Department of Resource and Environment Economics, Laboratory of Environmental EconomicsProfessor
KOMAI TakeshiGraduate School of Environmental Studies, Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society, Energy Resources, Resourse and Energy SecurityProfessor
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