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FUKUZAWA HironobuInstitute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Division of Measurements, Electron and Molecular Dynamics
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Chemistry
Assistant Professor
FURUKAWA YoshihiroGraduate School of Science, Earth Science, Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Earth Science, Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science, Research Group of Natural Resources and Environmental Geochemistry
Associate Professor
GOTO AkioCenter for Northeast Asian Studies, Department of Basic Studies, Division of Geochemistry
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Earth Science
Assistant Professor
GOU JunkoGraduate School of Science, MathematicsResearch Associate
GRIDNEV ILYAGraduate School of Science, Chemistry, Division of Interdisciplinary Chemistry, Laboratory of Organic Reaction ProcessesAssociate Professor
HAGINO KouichiGraduate School of Science, PhysicsAssociate Professor
HAMA HiroyukiResearch Center for Electron Photon Science, Accelerator and Beam Physics Division
Assigned Class: Graduate School of Science, Physics
HANAWA KimioGraduate School of Science, GeophysicsProfessor
HARIYA YuuGraduate School of Science, Mathematics, AnalysisAssociate Professor
HASEGAWA KojiGraduate School of Science, MathematicsAssociate Professor
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