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KUBO Momoji
Institute for Materials Research
Materials Design by Computer Simulation
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Materials Science

Date of Birth
Research Fields
  • Catalyst/resource chemical process
  • Applied physical properties/crystal engineering
  • Design engineering, machine functional elements/tribology
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Research Subjects
  • Development of Multi-Physics Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Method for Process Design of Electronics and Semiconductor Materials(2000-)
  • Development of Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Method for Catalyst and Catalysis Design(1998-)
  • Development of Multi-Physics Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Method for Mechanochemical Reaction Dynamics in Mechanical Engineering and Tribology Processes(2001-)
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Multi-Physics Computational Science, Multi-Scale Computational Science, Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics
Academic Society Membership
  • The Chemical Society of Japan
  • Catalysis Society of Japan
  • The Japan Society of Applied Physics
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本コンピュータ化学会, 理事(2004-)
  • 日本トライボロジー学会, 理事(2012-2014)
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表面・界面技術ハンドブック.[エヌ・ティー・エス,(2016)]伊藤 寿、桑原卓哉、樋口祐次、尾澤伸樹、久保百司

触媒便覧.[(2008)]久保百司、宮本 明

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Original Papers

Triboemission of hydrocarbon molecules from diamond-like carbon friction interface induces atomic-scale wear.[SCIENCE ADVANCES,5(11),(2019),eaax9301-]Yang Wang, Naohiro Yamada, Jingxiang Xu, Jing Zhang, Qian Chen, Yusuke Ootani, Yuji Higuchi, Nobuki Ozawa, Maria-Isabel De Barros Bouchet, Jean Michel Martin, Shigeyuki Mori, Koshi Adachi, Momoji Kubo

Proposal of a new formation mechanism for hydrogenated diamond-like carbon transfer films: Hydrocarbon-emission-induced transfer.[CARBON,154,(2019),7-12]Yang Wang, Jingxiang Xu, Yusuke Ootani, Nobuki Ozawa, Koshi Adachi, Momoji Kubo

Ionic Conductivity in Ionic Liquid Nano Thin Films.[ACS Nano,12,(2018),10509-10517]S. Maruyama, I. B. Hendra P., K. Toyabe, Y. Higuchi, M. Kubo, and Y. Matsumoto

Tight-Binding Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Study on the Friction and Wear Processes of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings: Effect of Tensile Stress.[ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES,9(39),(2017),34396-34404]Yang Wang, Jingxiang Xu, Yusuke Ootani, Shandan Bai, Yuji Higuchi, Nobuki Ozawa, Koshi Adachi, Jean Michel Martin, Momoji Kubo

Parallel Large-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulation Opens New Perspective to Clarify the Effect of a Porous Structure on the Sintering Process of Ni/YSZ Multiparticles.[ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES,9(37),(2017),31816-31824]Jingxiang Xu, Yuji Higuchi, Nobuki Ozawa, Kazuhisa Sato, Toshiyuki Hashida, Momoji Kubo

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Review Papers

マルチスケールシミュレーションによる燃料電池設計.[日本機械学会誌,119, (2016), 608-611]許 競翔、樋口祐次、尾澤伸樹、久保百司

ダイヤモンドライクカーボンの水潤滑プロセスにおけるトライボケミカル反応シミュレーション.[NEW DIAMOND,119, (2015), 23-26]白 珊丹、尾澤伸樹、樋口祐次、久保百司

量子分子動力学シミュレーションによる難加工材料の化学機械研磨メカニズムの解明.[トライボロジスト,59, (2014), 780-786]河口健太郎、會澤豪大、樋口祐次、尾澤伸樹、久保百司

化学反応による高分子の劣化と半結晶高分子の破壊プロセス.[アンサンブル,67, (2014), 181-187]樋口祐次、久保百司

第一原理分子動力学法とTight-Binding量子分子動力学法によるダイヤモンドライクカーボンの摩擦化学反応と低摩擦機構の解明.[Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan,12, (2013), A3-A13]久保百司

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本コンピュータ化学会学会賞(2015)
  • 日本化学会学術賞(2013)
  • STLE's Surface Engineering Technical Committee Best Paper Award(2009)
  • 科学技術分野の文部科学大臣表彰(若手科学者賞)(2006)
  • Hindustan Platinum Award(1994)
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Activity of External Organization
  • Journal of Information Display(2011-2016)
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