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IRYU Yasufumi
Graduate School of Science
Earth Science
Division of Geosphere Evolution
Date of Birth
Academic Degree
Doctor of Science
Master of Science
Research Fields
  • Layers/paleontology(Reef Geology)
  • Layers/paleontology(Carbonate Sedimentology)
  • Layers/paleontology(Carbonate geochemistry)
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Research Subjects
  • Brachiopod geochemistry: toward establishing a robust paleoceanographic proxy(2007-)
  • Responses of coralreefs to Quaternary climate changes in the Ryukyu Islands(1981-)
  • Paleoceanographic variability recorded in hermatypic coral skeletons(1997-)
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carbonate,coral reef,Ryukyu Islands,coralline algae,Quaternary,climatic change
Academic Society Membership
  • International Society for Reef Studies
  • International Phycological Society
  • International Association of Sedimentologists
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • The Geological Society of Japan, 会長(2014-2016)
  • International Fossil Algae Association, President(2011-2015)
  • Progress in Earth and Planertary Science, 総編集長(2013-)
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はじめての地質学.[ベレ出版,(2017)]天野一男,荒戸裕之,井龍康文,浦野成昭,須藤 茂,西山賢一,平田大二,星 博幸,向山 栄,矢島道子,斉藤靖二,渡辺 寧


Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Volume 325 Expedition Reports, Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes...[Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.,(2011)]Webster, J.M., Yokoyama, Y., Cotterill, C. and the Expedition 325 Scientists



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Original Papers

Foraminiferal biochronology of the Triassic Hoang Mai Formation, Central Vietnam..[Journal of Foraminiferal Reseearch,(2019)]Ueno, K., Ha, T. T. N. and Iryu, Y.

Preliminary test of the EA-AGE3 system for 14C measurement of CaCO3 samples and coral-based estimation of marine reservoir correction in the Ogasawara Islands, northwestern subtropical Pacific..[Radiocarbon,(2019)]Saito-Kokubu, Y., Mitsuguchi, T., Watanabe, T., Yamada, T., Asami, R. and Iryu, Y.

Palaeobiogeography and evolutionary pattern of the larger foraminifer Borelis de Montfort..[Papers in Palaeontology,(2019)]Bassi, D., Braga, J. C., Di Domenico, G., Pignatti, J., Abramovich, S., Hallock, P., Koenen, J., Kovacs, Z., Langer, M.R., Pavia, G. and Iryu, Y.

Late glacial to deglacial variation of coralgal assemblages in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.[Global and Planetary Chnage,174,(2019),70-91]Humblet, M., Potts, D.C., Webster, J.M., Braga, J.C., Iryu, Y., Yokoyama, Y., Bourillot, R., Seard, C, Droxler, A., Fujita, K., Gischler, E. and Kan, H.

Early Carboniferous (early Visean) brachiopod fauna from the middle part of the Arisu Formation in the Shimoarisu area, South Kitakami Belt, Japan.[Paleontological Research,23(2),(2019),95-109]Tazawa, J and Iryu, Y.

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Review Papers

サンゴ礁の海草・海藻..[WWF Japan (財)世界自然保護基金日本委員会 WWFネイチャーシリーズ② 白保のサンゴ礁, (1995), 14-15]井龍康文

ダイバーのための海洋雑学 35無節サンゴモ.[SUN EIGHTY DIVER,(111), (1990), 67]井龍康文

ダイバーのための海洋雑学 43サンゴ礁の一生.[SUN EIGHTY DIVER,(119), (1991), 63]井龍康文

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本地質学会優秀ポスター賞(2016)
  • 日本古生物学会優秀ポスター賞(2015)
  • The Geological Society of Japan Prize(2013)
  • 日本地質学会第121年大会(鹿児島)優秀講演賞(2014)
  • 日本地質学会第114年大会(札幌)優秀講演賞(2007)
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