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KANNO Hitoshi
Graduate School of Agriculture
Division of Biological Resource Sciences
Department of Plant Production Science
Laboratory of Soil Science
Associate Professor
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Research Fields
  • Plant nutrient science/soil studies
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Research Subjects
  • Poperties of volcanic ash soils in Changbaishan, northeast China(2001-2013)
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co-situs application, Volcanic Ash Soils, Sulfur fertility of paddy soil, Andosol-related soil
Academic Society Membership
  • Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
  • Japanese Society of Pedology
  • The Society for Ecological Anthropology
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本土壌肥料学会, 理事(2015-)
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最新農業技術 土壌施肥 vol.4 −東日本大震災の農地汚染に挑む−.[農文協,(2012)]伊藤豊彰・菅野均志

Inorganic Constituents in Soil - Basics and Visuals.[Springer, Singapore,(2018)]Masami Nanzyo, Hitoshi Kanno



Guidelines and Textbook for Soil Education.[Kokon-Shoin,(2009)]福田正, 田村憲司, 平井英明, 田中治夫, 東照雄, 菅野均志 ほか(全13名)

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Original Papers

Impact of the 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake Tsunami on Cultivated Soil in Miyagi Prefecture, Northeastern Japan: An Overview.[The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Reconstruction and Restoration (Springer International Publishing),(2017),341-354]Hitoshi Kanno

Use of controlled-release fertilizers (CRF) as part of a precise nutrient management for paddy rice and corn cultivation in northeastern Japan.[Proceedings of the International Workshop on Soil Information System-oriented Nutrient Management for Major Asian Crops,(2012),180-192]Hioshi Kanno

Impact on Cultivated Soil in the 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake Tsunami affected Area and its Rehabilitation.[Journal of Environmental Information Science,41(2),(2012),5-9]Hitoshi Kanno

Organic Carbon Accumulation in Andosols: (1) Unaccounted Andosols in Japanese Forest Soil.[Journal of Integrated FIeld Science,7,(2010),65-67]Hitoshi Kanno*, Tadashi Takahashi, Masami Nanzyo

Uptake Process and Recovery of co-situs Applied Polyolefin-Coated Urea as Affected by Release Pattern on Corn (Zea mays L.) under Humid Climate in Northeastern Japan.[Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research,58(3-4),(2008),65-75]Hitoshi Kanno

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Review Papers

Progress of application methods utilizing resin-coated fertilizer.[Japanese Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition,86(1), (2015), 60-65]Hitoshi Kanno and Takashi Nishio

How should we promote soil education hereafter.[日本土壌肥料学雑誌,84(2), (2013), 130-135]東照雄, 菅野均志, 瀧勝俊, 橋本均, 平井英明, 福田直, 田村憲司

なぜ学校教科書や資料集の土壌分布図を改訂する必要があるのか.[古今書院 月刊 地理,55(3), (2010), 36-43]菅野均志

Soil regions map of Japan based on a reclassification of the 1:1 million soil map of Japan (1990) according to the unified soil classification system of Japan --2nd approximation (2002)--.[Pedologist,52(2), (2008), 129-133]Kanno H., Hirai H., Takahashi T., Nanzyo M.

白頭山10世紀噴火の噴火推移.[海洋出版株式会社 Chikyu Monthly,39, (2002), 202-208]宮本毅*, 中川光弘, 大場司, 長瀬敏郎, 菅野均志, 谷口宏充

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