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UENO Toshihiro
Center for Northeast Asian Studies
Department of Basic Studies
Division of Chinese Studies
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment
Society of Northeast Asia
Social Anthropology

Associate Professor
Research Fields
  • History of the Orient(Chinese Modern History)
  • Area studies
  • Cultural anthropology/folklore studies
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Research Subjects
  • Ethnic Problem in Chinese Modern History(2001-)
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China,ethnicity,ethnic probrem,ethnic minority,national minorities policy,ethnic relationship,ethnic history
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本現代中国学会
  • 歴史人類学会
  • アジア政経学会
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    Original Papers

    A Study of the Issue of Taiwan's "Independant" approval to Mongol in Late 20th Century.[Northeast Asian Studies,11,(2007),21-44]UENO Toshihiro

    Draft Plan of Frontier Policy in Republican China.[Northeast Asian Studies,(10),(2006),177-190]UENO Toshihiro

    British Documents of the National Archives (TNA, UK) about Sinkiang (Xinjiang, China) in the 1930's and 1940's.[Northeast Asian Studies,(20),(2016),105-131]UENO Toshihiro

    Archive Materials about Ethnic Problems of Modern China History in Academia Historica, Taiwan.[Northeast Asian studies,(12),(2008),143-154]UENO Toshihiro

    Owing situation of original sources concerning the study of ethnic probrem of China in the 20th first half of the century, especially in Taiwan.[NORTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES,(9),(2005),263-271]Toshihiro UENO

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    Review Papers

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