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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Finemechanics
Precision Nanometrology
Research Fields
  • Design engineering, machine functional elements/tribology(Precision Measurement)
  • Production engineering/processing studies(Nano-machining)
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Research Subjects
  • Precision measurements of surface profiles and error motions(1994-)
  • Precision Positioning(1999-)
  • Generation and In-process Measurement of Micro-patterns(2000-)
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Precision measurement of surface profile and error motion, Precision Positioning
Academic Society Membership
  • 精密工学会
  • 米国精密工学会(The American Society for Precision Engineering)
  • 日本機械学会
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Original Papers

On-machine measurement of roundness by a new multi-probe method.[Proc, of ICPE'95,(1995),453-456]Wei GAO and Satoshi KIYONO

Force measurement in a nanomachining instruments.[Review of Scientific Instruments,71(11),(2000),4325-4329]Wei Gao, Robert J. Hocken, John A. Patten and John Lovingood

Precision measurement of cylinder straightness using a scanning multi-probe system.[Precision Engineering,26(3),(2002),279-288]Wei Gao, Jun Yokoyama, Hidetoshi Kojima and Satoshi Kiyono

Precision Nano-fabrication and evaluation of a large area sinusoidal grid surface for a surface encoder.[Precision Engineering,27(3),(2003),289-298]Wei Gao, Takeshi Araki, Satoshi Kiyono, Yuichi Okazaki and Masashi Yamanaki

A Dual-Mode Surface Encoder for Position Measurement.[Sensors and Actuators A,117(1),(2005),95-102]W. Gao, S. Dejima and S. Kiyono

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Review Papers

Precision nanometrology and its applications to precision nanosystems.[International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing,6(4), (2005), 14-20]Wei Gao

ナノ計測戦略(ソフトウェア)-精密ナノ計測フロンティア.[砥粒加工学会誌,48(5), (2004), 245-248]高 偉

角度センサによる大型超精密加工面形状のナノ計測.[精密工学会誌,68(3), (2002), 367-37]高 偉

形状誤差と運動誤差の分離による回転運動誤差のナノ計測.[精密工学会誌,67(7), (2001), 1067-1071]高 偉

High Precision Measurement of Rotational Accuracy.[Journal of Korea Society of Precision Engineering,21(8), (2004), 7-13]Wei Gao and Chun Hong Park

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 1996年度日本機械学会奨励賞(研究)(JSME Awards for Young Engineers)(1997)
  • 精密工学会沼田記念論文賞(2003)
  • 精密工学会賞(2004)
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