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Graduate School of Agriculture
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Research Fields
  • Basic veterinary science/basic animal science
  • Applied animal science
  • Livestock science/meadow studies
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Research Subjects
  • Study on Function and Myofiber Type Composition of Skeletal Muscle(1994-)
  • Study on Food Histology of Animal Products(2001-)
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Myofiber type, Muscle spindle, Food histology
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本畜産学会
  • Japanese Association of Anatomists
  • 東北畜産学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本産肉研究会, 事務局長(2016-)
  • 日本乳房炎研究会, 評議員(2009-)
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Veterinary Histology 7th ed..[Gakusosha Co. Ltd.,(2017)]Watanabe K., Aso H.

Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals, Textbook and Colour Atlas.[チクサン出版社,(2008)]山口高弘,渡邊康一

"ファイバー" スーパーバイオミメティックス 近未来の新技術創成.[NTS,(2006)]山口高弘,渡邊康一

まなびの杜 東北大学 知的探検のススメ Vol. II.[東北大学,(2006)]渡邊康一,山口高弘,齋藤忠夫,鈴木啓一

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Original Papers

Distribution of myofiber types in the crural musculature of sheep.[Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica,89(2),(2012),39-45]Konno T., Watanabe K.*

Morpho-functional relationship between muscular architecture and proportion of myofiber types in ovine antebrachial musculature.[Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica,89(2),(2012),51-56]Konno T., Watanabe K.*

Myostatin down-regulates the IGF-2 expression via ALK-Smad signaling during myogenesis in cattle.[Animal Science Journal,81(2),(2010),223-229]Miyake M., Hayashi S., Taketa Y., Iwasaki S., Watanabe K., Ohwada S., Aso H., Yamaguchi T.*

Muscle type-specific effect of myostatin deficiency on myogenic regulatory factor expression in adult double-muscled Japanese Shorthorn cattle.[Animal Science Journal,80(6),(2009),678-685]Muroya S.*, Watanabe K., Hayashi S., Miyake M., Konashi S., Sato Y., Takahashi M., Kawahata S., Yoshikawa Y., Aso H., Chikuni K., Yamaguchi T.

Myostatin preferentially down-regulates the expression of fast 2x myosin heavy chain in cattle.[Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B,84,(2008),354-362]Hayashi S., Miyake M., Watanabe K., Aso H., Hayashi S., Ohwada S., Yamaguchi T.*

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Review Papers

筋線維型と食肉のおいしさ ―反芻動物特異的Ⅰ型筋線維の産肉論的機能形態学解析―.[Tohoku Animal Science and Technology Society Tohoku Journal of Animal Science and Technology,66(1), (2016), 1-6]Watanabe K.

国内唯一の遺伝資源「草原短角牛」.[牛の博物館 牛の博物館ニュースレター,38, (2012), 2]渡邊康一

中国の黄牛とわが国の日本短角種の特性比較.[社団法人畜産技術協会 畜産技術,631, (2008)]内田 宏・渡邊康一・萬田富治・趙 国琦・孫 龍生・全 炳台・山口高弘

健康ビーフ生産に適した肉用牛造成の取り組み -次世代型のダブルマッスル形質をもつ日本短角種-.[中央畜産会 畜産コンサルタント,512, (2007), 19-21]山口高弘,渡邊康一

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