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Department of Electronic Engineering
Electronic Systems Engineering
Image Science and Information Display
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Research Fields
  • Electronic device/electronic equipment
  • Electron/electric material engineering
  • Nano structural science
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Liquid Crystal, Polymer, Organic Semiconductor, Optical Functional Device, Flexible Display, Electronic Display
Academic Society Membership
  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • The Society for Information Display (SID)
  • 日本液晶学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Japan Chapter, Chair(2012-2014)
  • 日本液晶学会, 副会長(2014-2016)
  • 映像情報メディア学会 情報ディスプレイ研究委員会, 委員長(2011-2015)
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The Liquid Crystal Display Story.[Springer,(2014)]Hideo Fujikake

Photonics in Broadcasting Technology (coauthor).[Research Signpost,(2005)]Hideo Fujikake, et al.


映像情報メディア工学大辞典 技術編(分担執筆).[オーム社,(2010)]藤掛英夫, 他

次世代センサハンドブック(分担執筆).[培風館,(2008)]藤掛英夫, 他

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Original Papers

Flexible ferroelectric liquid-crystal devices containing fine polymer fibers.[Journal of the Society for Information Display,10(1),(2002),95-99]Hideo Fujikake, Takeshi Murashige, Hiroto Sato, Yoshiki Iino, Masahiro Kawakita, Hiroshi Kikuchi

Alignment mechanism of liquid crystal in a stretched porous polymer film.[JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,94(5),(2003),2864-2867]Hideo Fujikake, Masashi Kuboki, Takeshi Murashige, Hiroto Sato, Hiroshi Kikuchi, and Taiichiro Kurita

Automatic color-temperature compensating system with guest-host liquid-crystal filter for video image sensing.[APPLIED OPTICS,40(14),(2001),2275-2281]Hideo Fujikake, Jun Yonai, Hiroto Sato, Hiroshi Kikuchi, Yoshiki Iino, Masahiro Kawakita, Yuzuru Tsuchiya, Kenichi Iwashita, and Shinya Umeda

Video Camera System Using Liquid-Crystal Polarizing Filter to Reduce Reflected Light.[IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING,44(4),(1998),419-426]Hideo FUJIKAKE, Kuniharu TAKIZAWA, Tahito AIDA, Toshihiro NEGISHI, and Michio KOBAYASHI

Voltage-variable microwave delay line using ferroelectric liquid crystal with aligned submicron polymer fibers.[APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS,83(9),(2003),1815-1817]Hideo Fujikake, Takao Kuki, Hirokazu Kamoda, Fumio Sato, and Toshihiro Nomoto

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Review Papers

FLEXIBLE DISPLAYS.[Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, (2015), 1-9]DOI: 10.1002/047134608X.W8256,(Online ISBN: 9780471346081) pp.1-9

Advanced flexible liquid-crystal display technologies.[SPIE (International Society for Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers) Newsroom,10 1117/2(1200811 1376), (2008), 1/3-3/3]Hideo Fujikake

Polymer-Dispersion Technologies for Flexible Displays.[Optics & Photonics News,10(11), (2005), 36-41]Hideo Fujikake, Hiroto Sato, and Takehsi Murashige

フレキシブルディスプレイの展望.[電気学会誌,132(2), (2012), 72-76]藤掛英夫

フレキシブル液晶ディスプレイ.[電子情報通信学会誌,94(8), (2011), 720-723]藤掛英夫

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 電子情報通信学会フェロー(2015)
  • 映像情報メディア学会フェロー(2016)
  • 映像情報メディア学会丹羽高柳賞業績賞(2018)
  • 日本液晶学会業績賞(2017)
  • SID Presidential Citation(2018)
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