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KIM Jongkwan
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Infrastructural Materials Division
Geotechnical Engineering
Assistant Professor
Research Fields
  • Geotechnical Engineering(Liquefaction)
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Liquefaction, non-plastic fine
Academic Society Membership
  • 地盤工学会
  • 土木工学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 地盤工学会 東北支部, 常任幹事(2015-)
  • エネルギーに基づく液状化予測手法に関する研究委員会, 委員(2015-2018)
  • 地盤工学会, 技術普及委員会(2016-)
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Original Papers

Evaluation of contraction potential of silty soils based on the minimum void ratio.[3rd International Conference on Performance-based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering,(2017)]Jongkwan Kim, Tadashi Kawai & Motoki Kazama

Density Index for Estimating the Postliquefaction Volumetric Strain of Silty Soils.[Internaional journal of geomechanics,16(5),(2016),C4015005]Jongkwan Kim, Tadashi Kawai, Motoki Kazama and Tomohiro Mori

The geotechnical issues of the damage caused by the great east Japan disaster and reconstuction for the Tohoku region.[Japanese Geotechnical Society Special Publication,2(32),(2016),1148-1153]M. Kazama, T. Kawai, J. Kim, and T. Mori

Consideration on the effect of non-plastic fines on post-liquefaction shear behavior.[7th Taiwan-Japan joint workshop on geotechnical hazards from large earthquake and heavy rainfall,(2016)]Kim, J., Kawai, T. & Kazama, M.

The liquefaction strength of the sandy soils in extremely dense state.[7th Taiwan-Japan joint workshop on geotechnical hazards from large earthquake and heavy rainfall,(2016)]Adachi,N., Kazama,M. , Kawai,T. , Kim,J. &Tomita,M.

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