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ANZAI Koichi
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Metallurgy
Materials Forming and Structural Control
Casting and Advanced Solidification Processing
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Academic Society Membership
  • 日本機械学会
  • 日本鋳造工学会
  • 日本金属学会
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Practical Exsamples of Computer Simulations on Metal Flow and Solidification in Die Casting.[(2004)]安斎浩一,その他

Solidification and Casting.[(2003)]Koichi ANZAI, Eisuke NIYAMA, Shinji SANNAKANISHI, Isamu TAKAHASHI

Foundation of Manufacturing - Materials Process technology -.[The Materials Process Technology Center,(2005)]Takeo Nakagawa, Koichi Anzai,

Metallic Materials Data Book.[(2004)]安斎浩一,その他


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Original Papers

Prediction of Defects in Die Castings by Quasi Three-Dimensional Flow Analysis.[鋳物,60,(1988),763-769]K. Anzai, T. Uchida and K. Kataoka

Some Practical Technology for Implementation of Solidification Simulation as Applied to Sand Mold Castings.[Tetsu-to-Hagane,71,(1985),1319-1326]K. Anzai, E. Niyama,T. Uchida and A. Hosogane

Effects of Mold Surface Grooves on Uneven Thickness of Initial Solid Shell.[Journal of Japan Foundry Engineering Society,73(5),(2001),305-310]Koichi ANZAI, Shin-ichiro Saito, Eisuke NIYAMA

Analytical Solutions of Die Casting Mold Filling Problems with Ideal Fluid Model.[Imono,63,(1991),528-534]K. Anzai and T. Uchida


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Review Papers

Casting CAE Technology and its Application to Die Casting.[AGNE GIJUTSU CENTER Materials Science & Technology KINZOKU,73(4), (2003), 297302-]Koichi ANZAI,

Investigation of Salt Core for High pressure Die Casting of Aluminum Alloys.[KALLOS Publishing Co., Ltd. ALUTOPIA,(6), (2005), 9-14]Jun Yaokawa, Koichi Anzai

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