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      国内大学・公立図書館・研究所所蔵オスマン帝国『年報Salname』目録.[International Research Center for Japanese Studies,(1996)]Tsutomu SAKAMOTO, Hikari EGAWA, Tomoki OKAWARA

      オスマン帝国で実施された1831年人口調査に関する研究論文(翻訳・解題).[International Research Center for Japanese Studies,(1996)]Tomoki OKAWARA

      オスマン帝国の人口研究文献目録 : ダニエル・パンザック著「オスマン帝国の人口」(1993年)改編版.[International Research Center for Japanese Studies,(1998)]Tomoki OKAWARA, Hikari EGAWA

      Catalogue des registres des tribunaux ottomans conserves au centre des archives de Damas.[(1999)]Brigitte MARINO, Tomoki OKAWARA

      オスマン民法典(メジェッレ)研究序説.[Documentation Center for Islamic Area Studies, The Toyo Bunko (Oriental Library),(2011)]OKAWARA Tomoki (HORII Satoe, ISOGAI Ken'ichi)

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      Original Papers

      Formation of the Aghawat Stratum in Damascus.[Annals of Japan Association for Middle East Studies,7,(1992),39-84]Tomoki OKAWARA

      The Abolition of Janissaries and the Military Reform of the Ottoman Empire: A Case of Damascus.[The Toyo Gakuho,78(3),(1996),027-059]Tomoki OKAWARA

      The Ottoman Reform and Jewish Bankers: Reexamination of the Berriyetuş-Şam Affair (1822-23).[イスラム世界,48,(1997),1-18]Tomoki OKAWARA

      Non-Muslims in the Islamic World as Viewed from (Re)Construction of Churches.[小山皓一郎(研究代表)『イスラーム社会におけるムスリムと非ムスリムの政治対立と文化摩擦に関する比較研究』,小山皓一郎,2001/3,pp.151-164,(平成11-12年度科学研究費補助金基盤研究(B)(2)研究成果報告書),(2001),151-164]Tomoki OKAWARA

      Size and Structure of Damascus Households in the Late Ottoman Period as Compared with Istanbul Households.[Doumani, Beshara (ed.), Family History in the Middle East, Household, Property, and Gender, State University of New York Press, Albany.,(2003),51-75]Tomoki OKAWARA

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      Review Papers

      A Guide to Research Institutes and Libraries in the Syrian Arab Republic.[西南アジア研究,41, (1994), 63-73]Junichi TANIGUCHI, Tomoki OKAWARA, Yuji ARAI

      A Guide to Bookshops in Damascus.[イスラム世界,44, (1994), 112-129]Junichi TANIGUCHI, Tomoki OKAWARA, Yuji ARAI

      Middle East Social and Cultural History Association (The Information).[イスラム世界,55, (2000), 95-100]Tomoki OKAWARA

      Muhammad Kurd 'Ali.[岩波書店 岩波イスラーム辞典, (2002), 984-]大河原知樹

      Damascus.[岩波書店 岩波イスラーム辞典, (2002), 614-615]大河原知樹

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