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MARUYAMA Shigenao(MARUYAMA Shigenao)
Institute of Fluid Science
Complex Flow Research Division
Heat Transfer Control Laboratory
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering

Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
MSc(Master of Science, London Univ. )
Master of Engineering
Bachelar of Engineeing
Research Fields
  • Thermal engineering(Heat-Transfer Control)
  • Energy studies(Energy Engineering)
  • Fluidics(Aerospace Engineering)
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Research Subjects
  • Radiation heat transfer and its control(1983-)
  • Active heat and mass transfer control under ultimate(1991-)
  • Enbironmental-harmonious energy system(1983-)
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Heat Transfer Control,Extreme Conditions,Radiative Heat Transfer
Academic Society Membership
  • The Engineering Academy of Japan Inc.(EAJ)
  • The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • The Heat Transfer Society of Japan
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
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    Light Energy Engineering.[Yokendo,(2004)]Shigenao Maruyama

    小説 FUKUSHIMA.[養賢堂,(2012)]圓山翠陵

    みんなの熱科学 10分でわかる熱とエネルギーの話.[東北大学出版会,(2016)]圓山 翠陵

    JSME Text Book Series Thermodynamics.[The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,(2002)]S. Maruyama, T. Inoue, M. Shioji, Y. Nagasaka, K. Hanamura, E. Hihara, S. Hirai, T. Morimune, T. Ito

    Text Book Series Heat Transfer.[The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,(2005)]S. Maruyama, K. Aoki, M. Ishizuka, I. Sato, Y. Takada, H. Takamatsu, A. Nakayama, K. Hanamura, M. Yamada, M. Shoji

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    Original Papers

    Proposal for a low CO2 emission power generation system utilizing oceanic methane hydrate.[Energy,47(1),(2012),340-347]Shigenao Maruyama, Koji Deguchi, Masazumi Chisaki, Junnosuke Okajima, Atsuki Komiya, and Ryo Shirakashi

    Thermal Radiation from Two-Dimensionaly confined modes in Microcavites.[Applied Physics Letters,79(9),(2001),1393-1395]S.Maruyama,T.Kashiwa,H.Yugami,M.Esashi

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    Review Papers

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 紫綬褒章(2012)
    • JSME HTD, Award for Academic Acheivements(2001)
    • 日本機械学会賞(論文)(2014)
    • JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper(1999)
    • Award for Scientific Contribution, (Heat Transfer Soc. Jpanan)(1998)
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    Activity of External Organization
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