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    Carbonate sedimentology & geochemistry, Paleoenvironmentology, Paleontology
    Academic Society Membership
    • The Geological Society of Japan
    • PALEO10: Paleosciences Society
    • The Geochemical Society of Japan
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    • Paleosciences Society, Councilor(2014-2016)
    • The Geological Society of Japan, Representative(2014-2016)
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    Original Papers

    LGM and MIS4 paleoceanographic conditions recorded in Kikaithyris hanzawai (Brachiopoda) shells.[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,(2017)]Takizawa, M., Takayanagi, H., Yamamoto, K., Abe, O., Sasaki, K., and Iryu. Y.

    Nonlinear relationship between preservation of microstructure and geochemical composition of Pleistocene brachiopod shells from the Ryukyu Islands, southwestern Japan.[Island Arc,(2017)]Yamamoto, K., Takizawa, M., Takayanagi, H., Asami, R. and Iryu, Y.

    Geochemical, petrographical, and petrophysical evaluations of a heterogeneous, stratiform dolomite from a Barremian oil field, offshore Abu Dhabi (UAE).[AAPG Bulletin,(2017)]Yamamoto, K., Ottinger, G., Al Zinati, O., Takayanagi, H., Yamamoto, K. and Iryu, Y.

    Upper Albian–Turonian calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and carbon-isotope stratigraphy in the Vocontian Basin, southeastern France.[Newsletters on Stratigraphy,50,(2017),111-139]Gyawali, B. R., Nishi, H., Takashima, R., Herrel, J. O., Takayanagi, H., Latil, J.-L., and Iryu, Y.

    A Causal Link Between Paleoenvironmental Dynamics and Borehole Instability in a Cenomanian Carbonate Reservoir, Offshore Abu Dhabi.[Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference. Society of Petroleum Engineers,(2016)]Yamamoto, K., Obara, H., Tsusaka, K., Tsuji, Y., Al-Farhan, Z. A., Aljneibi, M. M., Takayanagi, H., Kurita, H., Sato, T. and Iryu, Y.

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 日本地質学会小藤文次郎賞(2016)
    • 日本地質学会第123年学術大会(東京・桜上水大会)優秀ポスター賞(2016)
    • 日本古生物学会第164回例会 優秀ポスター賞(2015)
    • 121th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan(2014)
    • 114th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan(2007)
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