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FUJII Nobuharu
Graduate School of Life Sciences
Department of Ecological Developmental Adaptability Life Sciences
Division of Bilogical Adaptability Life Sciences
Laboratory of Plant Sensory and Developmental Biology
Associate Professor
Research Fields
  • Plant physiology/molecule
  • Applied molecular cell biology
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Research Subjects
  • Auxin-mediated gravity response in plants(1995-)
  • Sex determination of flower in cucumber plants(1998)
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Academic Society Membership
  • Japanese Society for Biological Sciennces in Space
  • The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
  • The Botanical Society of Japan
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
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    Original Papers

    The gravity-induced re-localization of auxin efflux carrier CsPIN1 in cucumber seedlings: spaceflight experiments for immunohistochemical microscopy.[npj Microgravity,2,(2016),16030-]Watanabe C, Fujii N, Miyazawa Y, Kamada M, Kasahara H, Osada I, Shimazu T, Fusejima Y, Higashibata A, Yamazaki T, Ishioka N, Takahashi H.

    Gravistimulation changes the accumulation pattern of CsPIN1 auxin efflux facilitator in the endodermis of the transition zone in cucumber seedlings.[Plant Physiology,158(1),(2012),239-251]Watanabe C, Fujii N, Yanai K, Hotta T, Kim DH, Kamada M, Sasagawa-Saito Y, Nishimura T, Koshiba T, Miyazawa Y, Kim KM, Takahashi H

    Hormonal interactions during root tropic growth: hydrotropism versus gravitropism..[Plant Mol Biol.,69(4),(2009),489-502]Takahashi H, Miyazawa Y, Fujii N

    Gravity-induced modification of auxin transport and distribution for peg formation in cucumber seedlings: possible roles for CS-AUX1 and CS-PIN1..[Planta,218(1),(2003),15-26]Kamada M, Yamasaki S, Fujii N, Higashitani A, Takahashi H.

    Differential accumulation of Aux/IAA mRNA during seedlings development and gravity response in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.).[Plant Molecular Biology,42(5),(2000),731-740]Fujii N, Kamada M, Yamasaki S, Takahashi H

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    Review Papers

    Polar Auxin Transport (eds by R. Chen, F. Baluska).[Springer, (2013)]Yamazaki C, Fujii N, Takahashi H.

    Auxin-mediated response of cucumber seedlings to gravity.[Biological Sciences in Space,17(2), (2003), 126-134]Fujii N, Takahashi H.

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