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Graduate School of Education
Center for Innovation in Educational Research and Practice
Assistant Professor
Academic Degree
Doctor of Information Sciences
Research Fields
  • Educational technology
  • Intelligent informatics
  • Communication/network engineering
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Research Subjects
  • Speech Recognition of Spontaneous Speech(2003-)
  • study on speaker adaptation(2000-)
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educational technology,speech recognition,acoustic modeling
Academic Society Membership
  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering
  • Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education
  • Acoustical Society of Japan
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    Original Papers

    Initial Development and Use of Materials, Based on the Theory of Instructional Design, for Blended Learning of Chinese as a Second Foreign Language in a Japanese University.[A Journal of the Association of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language,19(2),(2015),23-40]趙秀敏,冨田昇,今野文子,朱嘉琪,稲垣忠,大河雄一,三石大

    基于教学设计理论的日本大学初级汉语Blended Learning中的e-Learning教材的开发—从个人电脑教材向智能手机教材的转换.[Proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching,(2015)]趙 秀敏, 冨田 昇, 今野文子, 稲垣 忠, 大河雄一, 三石 大

    Use of the Theory of Instructional Design to Develop Blended Learning of Chinese as a Second Foreign Language in a Japanese University -Design of the Review Material Kototomo for Use on Smartphones and its Implementation-.[Proceedings of the 2017 International Annual Conference of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language,(2017),26-37]Xiumin ZHAO, Noboru TOMITA, Yuichi OHKAWA, Takashi MITSUISHI

    A Study on UI Design of Smartphone App for Continuous Blended Language Learning.[Proceedings of 2018 5th International Conference on Business and Industrial Research (ICBIR),(2018),584-589]Yuichi Ohkawa, Masaaki Kodama, Yuta Konno, Xiumin Zhao, Takashi Mitsuishi

    Development and Practice of Review Material KoToToMo for Use on Smartphones in Blended Learning by Beginning Learners of Chinese in University.[Transactions of Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education,36(2),(2019),131-142]Xiumin Zhao, Noboru Tomita, Fumiko Konno, Yuichi Ohkawa, Takashi Mitsuishi

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • Outstanding Paper Award(2018)
    • 学生論文賞(2010)
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