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      magnetic thin film, magnetic recording media, magneto-optical effect, magneto-optical microscope
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      • Magnetics society of Japan
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      • 16th Magnetics and Optics Research International Symposium (MORIS2018), 実行委員会 プログラム副委員長(2016-2018)
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      Original Papers

      Semi-quantitative evaluation of stacking faults in pseudo-hcp thin films by laboratory-scale in-plane x-ray diffraction.[Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,42(14),(2009),145007-1-145007-7]Shin Saito, Atsushi Hashimoto, Daiji Hasegawa and Migaku Takahashi

      Fe Content Dependence of Synthetic-Antiferromagnetic Coupling in Subnano-crystalline FeCoB/Ru/FeCoB films.[IEEE Transactions on Magnetics,42(10),(2006),2342-2344]Atsushi Hashimoto, Shin Saito, Dong Young Kim, Hiroshi Takashima, Tomonori Ueno, and Migaku Takahashi

      Spectroscopic Detection of Magneto-Optical Hysteresis in a Single Magnetic Field Sweep by Faraday Cell Modulation.[IEEE Transactions on Magnetics,49(7),(2013),3537-3540]Shin Saito, Tatsuaki Sasaki, Sakae Meguro, Guang-Xiang Du, and Migaku Takahashi

      Atomic layer stacking structure and negative uniaxial magnetocrystalline anisotropy for Co100-xIrx sputtered films.[Journal of the Mangetics Society of Japan,37(3-2),(2013),183-189]N. Nozawa, S. Saito, T. Kimura, K. Shibuya, K. Hoshino, S. Hinata, and M. Takahashi

      Quantitative evaluation of magnetocrystalline anisotropy of columnar grains and thickness of initial layer in CoCr-based perpendicular media..[Applied Physics Letters,80(5),(2002),811-813]Shin Saito, Daiji Hasegawa, Fumikazu Hoshi, David D. Djayaprawira, and Migaku Takahashi

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      Review Papers

      Advancement of Nano-structured Thin Film for Magnetic Recording Media Based on Analysis of Physical Properties.[Magnetic Society of Japan Magnetics Japan,11(2), (2016), 82-91]Shin Saito

      Development of Kerr effect microscope with detection of local magnetization direction and its application to spatial magnetic field detection.[The Japanese Society of Microscopy KENBIKYOU,52(3), (2017), 119-123]Sakae Meguro, Shin Saito

      Fabrication process and control of nanostructures for granular perpendicular magnetic recording media; Breakthrough in HD media by low-gas-pressure process.[Magnetic Society of Japan Magnetics Japan,7(1), (2012), 5-11]Shin Saito, Migaku Takahashi

      Kerr Microscope for Laboratory Observation of Micron-Scale Magnetic Domain Structure.[Journal of Magnetic Society of Japan,29(8), (2005), 779-784]K. Akahane, E. Yanagisawa, S. Meguro, S. Saito, M. Takahashi

      Nanostructure Control for Thin Film Magnetic Recording Media.[Magnetic Society of Japan Magnetics Japan,12(4), (2017), 169-176]Shin Saito, Satoru Yoshimura

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      Honours, Awards and Prizes
      • 日本磁気学会 論文賞(2017)
      • Magnetic Society of Japan Outstanding Research Award(2015)
      • 2013 Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference, BEST POSTER PRESENTATION AWARD(2013)
      • 2012年度 貴金属に関わる研究助成金制度 ゴールド賞(2013)
      • 情報ストレージ研究推進機構(SRC) 論文賞 2009(2010)
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      Activity of External Organization
      • 日本学術振興会 薄膜第131委員会(2012-)
      • 日本学術振興会 アモルファス・ナノ材料第147委員会(2013-)
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