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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Management Science and Technology
Management of Technology
Management of Technology
Guest professor of Technical University Hamburg Harburg
Academic Degree
Research Fields
  • Social system engineering/safety system(Technology and Innovation Management)
  • Social system engineering/safety system(Research and Development)
  • Social jurisprudence(Intellectual Property Rights)
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Research Subjects
  • Research on the "Fuzzy Front End" of Innovation(1999-)
  • Business Continuity Management(2014-2019)
  • The Role and Authority of CTO(2005-)
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Innovation Management,R&D Management, Industrial Engineering ,Front End,Corporate Strategy,CTO,Intellectuall Property Rights & Management
Academic Society Membership
  • Japan Society for Intellectual Production
  • Japan Association for Management System
  • The Japan Society for Science Policy and Research Management
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 科学研究費委員会専門委員(挑戦的研究部会第25小委員会), 幹事(2016-2017)
  • 日本学術振興会科研費審査第25小委員会, 幹事(2017-2018)
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Management of Technology and Innovation in Japan.[Doyukan,(2012)]Cornrlius Herstatt,Christoph Stockstrom,Hugo Tschirky,Akio Nagahira

産学連携学入門.[産学連携学会,(2008)]「東北大学教授 長平彰夫」「千葉工業大学教授 山口佳和」「中華人民共和国 華中科技大学管理学院教授 曹勇」「帝京大学 名誉教授 佐貫利雄」「北海道大学教授 荒磯恒久」「九州大学教授 湯本長伯」

Challenge of Japanese local areas.[Gyosei,(2003)]Akio Nagahira

Collaboration with industries , universities and goverment.[Chuokeisai,(2003)]Akio Nagahira,Koji Nishio

Management of Technology and Innovation in Japan.[Springer,(2005)]Cornelius Herstatt,Christoph Stockstrom,Hugo Tschirky,Akio Nagahira

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Original Papers

The Present Situation and Future Foresight of the White LED Lighting.[Chemical Industry,62(5),(2011),74-79]Akio Nagahira

The impact of collaboration between Japanese food companies and Knowledge Intensive Business Service on effectiveness in the foreign food market.[Japan Society of Foodservices Studies Annual,(16),(2011),6-22]Akio Nagahira

A Study about the Innovation Process between Organizations on a Joint R&D By the Technological Trajectory Analysi -A Case Study on the VLSI Technology Research Associations.[Japan Creativity Society Journal,16,(2012),11-17]Minoru Koide,Akio Nagahira

New Proposal of Patent Retrieval Technique Supported by 4 level Relevance Feedback.[Japan Association for Management Systems,29(2),(2012),159-164]Hitoshi Abe,Akio Nagahira

Significant factors for implementing BCP.[Journal of Disaster Research,8(1),(2013),17-28]Shinich Okabe,Akio Nagahira

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Review Papers

IoT/IoE and the Cluster Theory of Evolution:A point of view from the ecosystem.[Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management The journal of Science Policy and Research Management,30(4/2015), (2016), 244-245]Akio Nagahira

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • PICMET Research Paper Award(2005)
  • Best Paper Award of Japan Society for research Policy and Innovation Management(2015)
  • Distinguished Paper Award(2016)
  • 日本経営システム学会学生研究発表優秀賞(2017)
  • Distinguished Paper Award(2017)
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