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Doctor of Agriculture
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  • Gardening/Garden landscaping
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  • Effect of environment on the inflorescence development of everbearing strawberry(1994-)
  • Study on the fruit production of everbearing strawberry(1994-)
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horticultural science, everbearing strawberry, light quality
Academic Society Membership
  • Japanese society for horticultural science
  • American Society for Horticultural Science
  • International Society for Horticultural Science
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 園芸学会, JJSHS研究論文審査委員(2010-)
  • 園芸学会, 園芸学研究論文審査委員(2008-)
  • 北日本イチゴ集会, 幹事(2014-)
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野菜園芸学第2版.[文永堂出版,(2020)]金山喜則, 西山 学, 他

農学実験テキスト2019.[明倫社,(2019)]西山 学, 他

ornamental horticulture.[Buneidou,(2013)]Kanahama Koki, Kanayama Yoshinori

園芸学.[文永堂出版,(2009)]金浜耕基, 西山 学, 他

野菜園芸学.[文永堂出版,(2007)]金浜耕基, 西山 学, 他

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Original Papers

Effect of Light Quality on Flowering in Everbearing Strawberry Cultivars.[Horticultural Research (Japan),19(1),(2020),49-54]Manabu Nishiyama1*, Hiromichi Yamazaki, Yoshinori Kanayama

Differences in critical photoperiod for flower bud initiation among everearing strawberry cultivars.[Horticultural Research (Japan),8(1),(2009),35-39]Manabu Nishiyama, Yasuhito Ebihara, Koki Kanahama

Critical photoperiod for flower bud initiation in five everbearing strawberry cultivars.[Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research,59(1-2),(2008),17-27]M. Nishiyama*, W. Ohkawa, K. Kanahama.

Critical photoperiod for flower bud initiation in everbearing strawberry ‘Summerberry’ plants grown at high temperature.[Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research,56(3-4),(2006),1-8]M. Nishiyama*, W. Ohkawa, Y. Kanayama, K. Kanahama.

Effect of photoperiod on the development of inflorescences in everbearing strawberry 'Summerberry' plants grown at high temperature.[Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research,53(3-4),(2003),43-52]Nishiyama, M*., Ohkawa W., Kanahama, K.

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Review Papers

イチゴの四季成り性品種における生理生態的特性[1].[Yokendo, LTD. Agriculture and Horticulture,84(7), (2009), 763-768]Manabu Nishiyama

イチゴの四季成り性品種における生理生態的特性[2].[Yokendo, LTD. Agriculture and Horticulture,84(8), (2009), 856-863]Manabu Nishiyama

イチゴの四季成り性品種における生理生態的特性[3].[Yokendo, LTD. Agriculture and Horticulture,84(9), (2009), 949-954]Manabu Nishiyama

イチゴの四季成り性品種における生理生態的特性[4].[Yokendo, LTD. Agriculture and Horticulture,84(11), (2009), 1137-1140]Manabu Nishiyama

イチゴの四季成り性品種における生理生態的特性[5].[Yokendo, LTD. Agriculture and Horticulture,84(12), (2009), 1213-1215]Manabu Nishiyama

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