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KANOMATA Yoshitaka
Graduate School of Arts and Letters
Historical Studies
Japanese History
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  • Archeology(Archaeology)
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  • 日本考古学協会
  • 東北史学会
  • 日本旧石器学会
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    Akita City The Jizouden Site - the Paleolithic Culture - Report of Excavation, 1985.[Akita City Board of Education,(2011)]安田忠市,神田和彦,菊池強一,鹿又喜隆ほか


    The Shimotsutsumi-G site (the Paleolithic Culture ) Report of Excavation, 1982.[Akita City Board of Education,(2013)]安田忠市,神田和彦,鹿又喜隆ほか



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    Original Papers

    SIte Structure and Human Behavior at the Araya Site, Northeastern Japan.[The 16th International Symposium: Suyanggae and Her Neighbors in Nihewan,(2011),173-192]Kaoru AKOSHIMA, Yoshitaka KANOMATA

    Studies of the Late Palaeolithic Culture in the Mogami River Basin vol.2 The Kamino-A Site Report of the Late Palaeolithic Culture in the Mogami River Basin vol.2 The Kamino-A Site Report pf the the Late Palaeolithic Culture in the Mogami River Basin vol.2 The Kamino-A Site Report of the Third Term Excavation.[Bulletin of the Tohoku University Museum,11,(2012),1-194]Yoshitaka DENDA, Tomoo SASAKI, Yoshitaka KANOMATA, Kaoru AKOSHIMA and Toshio YANAGIDA

    Tribological Understanding on Formation Process of Use-wear Polish.[Culture,75(3・4),(2012),125-140]Yoshitaka Kanomata

    Accurate Chronology of Palaeolithic Industries by Radiocarbon AMS Determinations.[Saito Ho-on Kai Research Bulletin,(76),(2012),25-41]Yoshitaka Kanomata

    A Functional Study on Lithic Artifacts of the Sugikubo Industry: Use-wear Analysis of the Upper Palaeolithic Artifacts Excavated from the Takaseyama Site in 2011.[山形考古,9(4),(2012),13-22]Yoshitaka Kanomata

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    Review Papers

    Ⅰ 2008年度の日本考古学会 4 旧石器時代研究の動向.[日本考古学年報,61, (2010), 22-28]鹿又喜隆

    Japan Archaeology 1 Paleolithic.[The Historical Society of Japan Shigaku-Zasshi,120(5), (2011), 11-16]KANOMATA Yoshitaka

    1 狩猟採集文化を洗練させた旧石器人.[朝日新聞出版社 新発見! 週刊日本の歴史,49, (2014), 10-12]関根達人(編集責任者)ほか

    放射性炭素年代測定の現状.[地球科学,63, (2009), 41-43]鹿又喜隆

    放射性炭素年代測定と考古学的応用.[Japanese society of radiological technology Journal of a measurement subcommittee,19(1), (2011), 1-3]鹿又喜隆

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