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INO Kosuke
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry
Resources and Environment
Electrochemical Science and Technology
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Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment
Environmentally Benign Systems
Environmental Bioengineering

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Doctor of Engineering
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    BioMEMS, Electrochemistry
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        Original Papers

        Differential electrochemicolor imaging using LSI-based device for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes.[Sensors and Materials,(2018)]Kosuke Ino, Takehiro Onodera, Yuji Nashimoto, Hitoshi Shiku

        Simultaneous and selective imaging of dopamine and glutamate using an enzyme-modified large-scale integration (LSI)-based amperometric electrochemical device.[Electroanalysis,(2018)]Hiroya Abe, Tomoki Iwama, Hiroshi Yabu, Kosuke Ino, Kumi Y. Inoue, Atsushi Suda, Ryota Kunikata, Masahki Matsudaira, Tomokazu Matsue

        Electrochemical imaging of cell activity in hydrogels embedded in grid-shaped polycaprolactone scaffolds using a large-scale integration (LSI)-based amperometric device.[Analytical Sciences,(2018)]Kosuke Ino, Yuki Yokokawa, Noriko Taira, Atsushi Suda, Ryota Kunikata, Yuji Nashimoto, Tomokazu Matsue, Hitoshi Shiku

        Hydrogel electrodeposition based on bipolar electrochemistry.[Lab on a Chip,18,(2018),2425-2432]Kosuke Ino, Tomoaki Matsumoto, Noriko Taira, Tatsuki Kumagai, Yuji Nashimoto, Hitoshi Shiku

        Local hydrogel fabrication based on electrodeposition with a large-scale integration (LSI)-based amperometric device.[Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical,277,(2018),95-101]Kosuke Ino, Mayuko Terauchi, Mai Gakumasawa, Noriko Taira, Atsushi Suda, Ryota Kunikata, Tomokazu Matsue, Hitoshi Shiku

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        Review Papers

        Intracellular Electrochemical Sensing.[Electroanalysis, (2018)]Kosuke Ino, Yuji Nashimoto, Noriko Taira, Javier Ramon Azcon, Hitoshi Shiku

        電気化学1分子計測への挑戦 -ナノ流路電気化学デバイス-.[化学と工業,71(1), (2018), 25]伊野浩介

        Micro/nanoelectrochemical probe and chip devices for evaluation of three-dimensional cultured cells.[Analyst,142, (2017), 4343-4354]Kosuke Ino, Mustafa Sen, Hitoshi Shiku, Tomokazu Matsue

        マイクロ・ナノ電気化学デバイスを用いたバイオイメージング 電極アレイデバイスによる細胞評価.[化学と工業,70(9), (2017), 830-831]伊野浩介

        Bioelectrochemical applications of microelectrode arrays in cell analysis and engineering.[Current Opinion in Electrochemistry,5(1), (2017), 146-151]Kosuke Ino, Hitoshi Shiku, Tomokazu Matsue

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        Honours, Awards and Prizes
        • CSJ Presentation Award 2017(2017)
        • 若い世代の特別講演会(第31回)、日本化学会 第97春季年会 (2017)(2017)
        • Outstanding Reviewer for Lab on a Chip in 2016(2017)
        • Early Career Analytical Electrochemistry Prize of ISE Division 1(2016)
        • 29th Ando Incentive Prize for the Study of Electronics(2016)
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