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Research Institute of Electrical Communication
Broadband Engineering Division
Advanced Wireless Information Technology
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Communications Engineering
Transmition Engineering

Associate Professor
Research Fields
  • Communication/network engineering(Wireless Communication Network)
  • Electronic device/electronic equipment(Microwave and Millimeter Wave)
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Research Subjects
  • Mobile Communication Network(2001-)
  • Satellite Communication System(2011-)
  • Microwave and Millimeter Wave Front-End Module(2001-)
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Mobile Communication Network,Spread Spectrum Communication,Heterogeneous Network,Satellite Communication
Academic Society Membership
  • 電子情報通信学会
  • IEEE
  • エレクトロニクス実装学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • Technical Committee on Smart Radio (SR), IEICE, Vice-chairperson(2016-)
  • The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP), Director(2017-)
  • Tohoku Section, IEICE, Treasurer(2014-2016)
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Original Papers

Proposal of Heterogeneous Wireless Network with Handover in Application Layer: Feasibility Study Based on Field Trial Results.[IEICE Trans. Commun.,E95-B(4),(2012),1152-1160]S. Kameda, H. Oguma, N. Izuka, F. Yamagata, Y. Asano, Y. Yamazaki, S. Tanifuji, N. Suematsu, T. Takagi, and K. Tsubouchi

A 60-GHz Band Planar Dipole Array Antenna Using 3-D SiP Structure in Small Wireless Terminals for Beamforming Applications.[IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation,61(7),(2013),3502-3510]S. Yoshida, Y. Suzuki, T. T. Ta, S. Kameda, N. Suematsu, T. Takagi, K. Tsubouchi

A Millimeter-Wave WPAN Adaptive Phased Array Control Method Using Low-Frequency Part of Signal for Self-Directed System.[IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES,vol.63(No.8),(2015),2682-2691]Tuan Thanh Ta, Shoichi Tanifuji, Akinori Taira, Suguru Kameda, Noriharu Suematsu, Tadashi Takagi, Kazuo Tsubouchi

1-bit Feedforward Distortion Compensation Technology for Bandpass Delta-Sigma Modulation.[IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Communications,E99-B(No.5),(2016),1087-1092]Takashi Maehata, Suguru Kameda, Noriharu Suematsu

Experimental evaluation of timing synchronization accuracy for QZSS short message synchronized SS-CDMA communication.[2016 IEEE 27th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC),(2016),1-6]Kei Ohya; Suguru Kameda; Hiroshi Oguma; Akinori Taira; Noriharu Suematsu; Tadashi Takagi; Kazuo Tsubouchi

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Review Papers

ディペンダブルエア − 異種無線融合ネットワークにおける高精度位置情報を用いたネットワーク選択手法とトラヒックナビゲーション−.[電子情報通信学会 基礎・境界ソサイエティ Fundamentals Review,Vol. 9(2015)(No. 1), (2015), 37-46]坪内 和夫, 亀田 卓, 平 明徳, 末松 憲治, 高木 直

災害に強い「頼りになる」無線通信ネットワーク.[電子情報通信学会誌,vol.98(No.8), (2015), 745-752]平明徳 , 亀田卓 , 末松憲治 , 高木直 , 坪内和夫

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • The TELECOM System Technology Award for Student(2001)
  • 2005 年 FPGA/PLD Design Conference ユーザプレゼンテーション審査員特別賞(2005)
  • 2008 Young Investigator Award in Software Radio(2009)
  • International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC2012), Best Paper Award(2013)
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