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  • Layers/paleontology
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  • Development of a digital specimen system of planktonic foraminifera(2003-)
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morphometry of fossils, fluctuation analysis of fossil assemblages, paleoenvironment estimate
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  • 日本地質学会
  • 日本古生物学会
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Original Papers

Discrimination of two new Anadara species using shell growth parameters and Further descriptons.[Transactions and proceedings of the paleontological society of Japan New series,161,(1991),697-713]SASAKI Osamu

Parameters for description of the shell form of genus Anaclara(Mollusca : Bivalvia).[Transactions and proceedings of the paleontological society of Japan New series,158,(1990),513-534]SASAKI Osamu

Planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Miocene Hatatate Formation in the southwestern part of Sendai city, Northeast Japan.[The Journal of the geological society of Japan,107(4),(2001),258-268]島本昌憲,大田聡,林広樹,佐々木理,斎藤常正

Cobb Mountain spike of the kuroshio Current detected by Ostracoda in the lowen Omma Formation(Early Pleistocene), Kanazawa City, central Japan : analysis of depositional environments..[Proceedings of the 11th International symposium on Ostracoda,(1993),315-334]Ishizaki, K., Irizuki, T. and Sasaki O.

Analysis of morphological changes through ontogeny : genera Battinicythere and Elotsonella(Hemicytherinae).[Proceedigns of the 11th International symposium on Ostracoda,(1993),335-350]Irizuki, T. and Sasaki O.

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