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    • Molecular mechanism of insect chemoreception(1993-)
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    • 日本動物学会
    • 日本神経科学学会
    • 日本比較生理生化学会
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    • 日本動物学会, 理事(2016-)
    • 日本比較生理生化学会, 評議員(2017-)
    • 日本味と匂学会, 評議員(2008-)
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    Original Papers

    Antennae sense heat stress to inhibit mating and promote escaping in Drosophila females..[J Neurogenet.,32(4),(2018),353-363]Yusuke Miwa, Masayuki Koganezawa & Daisuke Yamamoto

    The neural circuitry that functions as a switch for courtship versus aggression in Drosophila males..[Current Biology,26,(2016),1395-1403]Koganezawa M., Kimura K., Yamamoto D.

    Serotonergic neuronal death and concomitant serotonin deficiency curb copulation ability of Drosophila platonic mutants..[Nature Communications,7,(2016)]Yasemin B. Yilmazer, Masayuki Koganezawa, Kosei Sato, Jinhua Xu & Daisuke Yamamoto

    Female contact activates male-specific interneurons that trigger stereotypic courtship behavior in a Drosophila male.[Neuron,69,(2011),498-508]Kohatsu, S., Koganezawa, M., and Yamamoto, D.

    The shaping of male courtship posture by lateralized gustatory inputs to male-specific interneurons.[Current Biology,(2010)]Koganezawa, M., Haba, D., Matsuo, T., and Yamamoto, D.

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    Review Papers

    Genes and circuits of courtship behaviour in Drosophila males.[Nature Reviews Neuroscience,14, (2013), 681-692]Yamamoto, D., Koganezawa, M.

    Neuroethology of male courtship in Drosophila: from the gene to behavior.[Journal of Comparative Physiology A,200, (2014), 251-264]Yamamoto D., Sato K., Koganezawa M.

    in vivo optical recording of brain interneuron activities from a Drosophila male on a treadmill.[Humana Press Springer Genetically Encoded Functional Indicators, (2012), 103-112]Kohatsu, S., Koganezawa, M., Yamamoto, D.

    ショウジョウバエの求愛行動(上)求愛を制御するフェロモン.[東京化学同人 現代化学,530, (2015), 48-50]小金澤雅之

    ショウジョウバエの求愛行動(下)脳の性差をつくる分子・愛を生み出す神経.[東京化学同人 現代化学,531, (2015), 52-55]小金澤雅之

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