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  • Plant physiology/molecule
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  • 植物学会
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    Original Papers

    A comprehensive expression analysis of all members of a gene family encoding cell-wall enzymes allowed us to predict cis-regulatory regions involved in cell-wall construction in specific organs of Arabidopsis.[Plant and Cell Physiology,42(10),(2001),1025-1033]Ryusuke Yokoyama, Kazuhiko Nishitani

    Genomic basis for cell-wall diversity in plants. A comparative approach to gene families in rice and Arabidopsis.[Plant and Cell Physiology,45,(2004),1111-1121]Ryusuke Yokoyama, Kazuhiko Nishitani

    Identification and characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana genes involved in xylem secondary cell walls..[Journal of Plant Research,119,(2006),189-194]Ryusuke Yokoyama, Kazuhiko Nishitani

    Biological implications of the occurrence of 32 members of XTH (xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolase) family of proteins in the bryophyte Physcomitrella patens..[Plant J.,64,(2010),658-669]Yokoyama, R., Uwagaki, Y., Sasaki, H., Harada, T., Hiwatashi. Y., Hasebe, M., Nishitani, K.

    Demethylesterification of the primary wall by PECTIN METHYLESTERASE 35 is important for the mechanical support of the Arabidopsis stem.[Plant Cell,(2012)]Hongo, S., Sato, K, Yokoyama, R. and Nishitani, K.

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