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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering
Safety Engineering of Nuclear Systems
Degradation Science and Plant Life Management
Director, CFReND, Special Advisor (for Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction)
Research Fields
  • Machine material/material mechanics(Environmentally Assisted Cracking)
  • Material processing/treatment(Corrosion Science and Protection)
  • Atomic power studies(Plant Life Management)
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    Academic Society Membership
    • 日本機械学会
    • NACE
    • Atomic Energy Society of Japan
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      EPR -A Comprehensive Review-.[(2004)]Vladimir Cihal, Tetsuo Shoji, Vivekanand Kain, Yutaka Watanabe, Rudolf Stefec

      超臨界流体とナノテクノロジー.[シーエムシー出版,(2004)]阿尻雅文 監修

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      Original Papers

      Effects of phosphorus segregation on stress corrosion cracking in the heat-affected zone of a dissimilar weld joint between a Ni-base alloy and a low alloy steel.[Corrosion Science,92,(2015),32-42]Ziqing Zhai, Hiroshi Abe, Yuichi Miyahara, Yutaka Watanabe

      Role of δ-ferrite in stress corrosion cracking retardation near fusion boundary of 316NG welds.[Journal of Nuclear Materials,424,(2012),57-61]Hiroshi Abe, Yutaka Watanabe

      Low-Temperature Aging Characteristics of Type 316L Stainless Steel Welds; Dependence on Solidification Mode.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A,39A,(2008),1392-1398]Hiroshi Abe and Yutaka Watanabe

      Compatibility of Ni Base Alloys with Supercritical Water Applications: Aging Effects on Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties.[Corrosion,62(2),(2006),174-181]Yuzo Daigo, Yutaka Watanabe, Katsuo Sugahara, Takeshi Isobe

      Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Transpassive Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic Stainless Steels.[Corrosion,51(9),(1995),651-659]Y. Watanabe, R.G. Ballinger, O.K. Harling, and G.E. Kohse

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      Review Papers

      応力腐食割れの発生条件と対策 <力学因子を中心に>.[日本工業出版 The Piping Engineering,49(2), (2007), 13-18]Yutaka Watanabe

      応力腐食割れの発生・進展メカニズム.[メインテナンス,245, (2005), 22-26]渡辺 豊

      超臨界水環境における金属腐食対策研究の動向.[高圧ガス,40(7), (2003), 585-589]渡辺 豊

      Electrochemical Noise Analysis : Analysis of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Alloys in Pressurized High-Temperature Water.[DENKI KAGAKU,66(11), (1998), 1083-1088]渡辺 豊

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      Honours, Awards and Prizes
      • 腐食防食学会 技術賞(2016)
      • 日本保全学会論文賞(2019)
      • トーキン科学技術振興財団研究奨励賞(2000)
      • 日本材料学会学術奨励賞(JSMS Award for Promising Researchers)(1997)
      • 第36回原田研究奨励賞(Harada Award)(1996)
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