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Division of Bioscience and Biotechnology for Future Bioindustries
Department of Bioindustrial Informatics and Genomics
Laboratory of Bioindustrial Genomics
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  • Applied microbiology
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Research Subjects
  • Molecular basis of a cellular response to the environment by lysosomal/vacuolar proteolysis.(2007-2009)
  • Stabilization and secretion of heterologous proteins by means of intracellular trafficking technology.(2005-2007)
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intracellular trafficking, protein degradation, eukaryotic microbe, yeast, protein production, biomass degradation
Academic Society Membership
  • Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
  • The Molecular Biology Society of Japan
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    Original Papers

    The C-terminal region of the yeast monocarboxylate transporter Jen1 acts as a glucose signal-responding degron recognized by the α-arrestin Rod1..[The Journal of Biological Chemistry,293,(2018),10926-10936]Fujita S, Sato D, Kasai H, Ohashi M, Tsukue S, Takekoshi Y, Gomi K, Shintani T*

    Induction of autophagy by phosphate starvation in an Atg11-dependent manner in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.[Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications,483(1),(2017),522-527]Hiroto Yokota, Katsuya Gomi, Takahiro Shintani

    Cellular responses to the expression of unstable secretory proteins in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus oryzae.[Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology,101(6),(2017),2437-2446]Jun-ichi Yokota, Daisuke Shiro, Mizuki Tanaka, Yasumichi Onozaki, Osamu Mizutani, Dararat Kakizono, Sakurako Ichinose, Tomoko Shintani, Katsuya Gomi, and Takahiro Shintani*

    Aspartyl Aminopeptidase Is Imported from the Cytoplasm to the Vacuole by Selective Autophagy in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.[Journal of Biological Chemistry,286,(2011),13704-13713]Masaki Yuga, Katsuya Gomi, Daniel J. Klionsky, and Takahiro Shintani

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    Review Papers

    Autophagy in Health and Disease: A Double-Edged Sword.[Science,306(5698), (2004), 990-995]Takahiro Shintani, Daniel J Klionsky

    Cytoplasm to vacuole targeting pathway in yeast..[Kyoritsu Shuppan Tanpakusitsu Kakusan Koso,51(10), (2006), 1480-1483]Takahiro Shintani

    出芽酵母における選択オートファジーの新規輸送基質の発見 一粒で二度おいしい酵素たちの話.[化学と生物,50(10), (2012), 771-772]柚賀正樹, 新谷尚弘

    Recycle and disposal in the cell..[The Society for Biotechnology, Japan Seibutsu-kougaku Kaishi,84(7), (2006), 289-]Takahiro Shintani

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