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HONDA Ryotaro
Graduate School of Science
Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
Experimental Nuclear Physics
Assistant Professor
Strangeness nuclear physics, Hadron physics, Nuclear physics
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    Original Papers

    Missing-mass spectroscopy with the 6Li(π-,K+)X reaction to search for 6ΛH.[Phys. Rev. C,96,(2017),014005-]R. Honda, M. Agnello, J. K. Ahn et. al

    Repulsion and absorption of the Σ-nucleus potential for Σ−-5He in the 6Li(π−, K+) reaction.[Phys. Rev. C,97,(2018),024601-]T. Harada, R. Honda, Y. Hirabayashi

    A beam position fiber counter with scintillation fibers and multi-pixel photon counter for high intensity beam operation.[Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A,787,(2015),157-160]R. Honda K. Miwa, Y. Matsumoto et al

    Search for 6ΛH hypernucleus by the 6Li (π-, K+) reaction at pπ- = 1.2 GeV/c.[Phys. Lett. B,729,(2014),39-44]H. Sugimura, M. Agnello, J.K. Ahn, R. Honda et al.

    Observation of Spin-Dependent Charge Symmetry Breaking in ΛN Interaction: Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy of 4ΛHe.[Phys. Rev. Lett.,115,(2015),222501-]T. O. Yamamoto, M. Agnello, Y. Akazawa, R. Honda et al.

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