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KOMAI Takeshi
Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society
Energy Resources
Resourse and Energy Security
Date of Birth
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Research Fields
  • Earth resources system engineering
  • Social system engineering/safety system
  • Environmental impact assessment/environmental policy
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Research Subjects
  • Security strategy for resources and energy(2015-2018)
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Environmental Risk Assessment, Fuel Resources Engineering, Medical Geology
Academic Society Membership
  • Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
  • Chemical Society of Japan
  • Society for Risk Analysis Japan
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • Japanese Society of Urban Geology, Chairman(2008-2016)
  • Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan, Director of Kanto Branch(2011-2013)
  • International Society of offshore and Polar Engineering(ISOPE), Editorial Board(2004-)
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世界の汚染地域-未だ深刻な公害問題-.[産業技術総合研究所,(2008)]厨川 道雄、駒井 武、北野 大

サイトアセスメント 実務と法規.[丸善,(2004)]駒井 武

環境分析ガイドブック(土壌分析).[日本化学会,(2010)]駒井 武

化学便覧 応用化学編 第7版(土壌汚染).[丸善,(2012)]駒井 武

東日本大震災後の放射性物質汚染対策.[(2014)]駒井 武、保高徹生

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Original Papers

東日本大震災における津波堆積物中の重金属類とそのリスク.[土木学会論文集G(環境),68(3),(2012),195-202]川辺 能成、原 淳子、保高 徹生、坂本 靖英、張 銘、駒井 武

土壌汚染対策の課題と環境地質学の役割.[地学雑誌,116(6),(2007),853-863]駒井 武

Development of a risk assessment system for soil contamination and the application to the social system.[Synthesiology,1(4),(2008),251-262]Komai, T. and Kawabe, Y. and Hara, J. and Sakamoto, Y. and Sugita, H.

Arsenic resistance and removal by marine and non-marine bacteria.[J. Biotechnol.,127(3),(2007),434-442]Takeuchi, Mio Kawahata, Hodaka Gupta, Lallan Prasad Kita, Noriko Morishita, Yuichi Ono, Yoshiro Komai, Takeshi

In situ Raman spectroscopy investigation of the dissociation of methane hydrate at temperatures just below the ice point.[J. Phys. Chem. B,108(23),(2004),8062-8068]Komai, T Kang, SP Yoon, JH Yamamoto, Y Kawamura, T Ohtake, M

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Review Papers

地圏環境リスク評価システムの開発と適用.[産業と環境,36(4), (2007), 57-60]駒井 武、川辺 能成

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • Award of Environmental Technology(2014)
  • Paper award, Japan Society of Civil Engineers(2013)
  • Paper award, Mining and Materials Processing of Japan(2012)
  • President award, AIST (Innovative research))(2010)
  • Engineering promotion award (Reaserch and development)(2009)
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