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SUGA Toshio
Graduate School of Science
Program Director, the International Joint Graduate Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences
Academic Degree
Doctor of Science
Master of Science
Research Fields
  • Weather/oceanic physics/hydrology
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Research Subjects
  • Development of advanced system for global ocean monitoring(2000-2005)
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large-scale ocean circulation, water mass, ventilation, atmosphere-ocean interaction, material circulation, nutrients, primary production, Argo, profiling float
Academic Society Membership
  • The Ocenographic Society of Japan
  • American Geophysical Union
  • Japan Geoscience Union
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
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    Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction.[(1996)]SUGA Toshio, et al.

    Ocean and environment.[(2001)]SUGA Toshio, et al.

    Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction.[(2003)]Yoshiaki Toba, Kimio Hanawa, Toshio Suga, Toshio Yamagara, Yoshinobu Wakata, Masahiro Endoh, Yoshiteru Kitamura, Hiroshi Ishizaki, Tatsuo Motoi, Hiroshi Kawamura

    海はめぐる -人と生命を支える海の科学-.[地人書館,(2012)]日本海洋学会編

    図説 地球環境の事典.[朝倉書店,(2013)]吉﨑正憲 ・野田彰 他編

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    Original Papers

    Subtropical Mode Water in the 137°E section.[Journal of Physical Oceanography,19(10),(1989),1605-1618]Toshio Suga, Kimio Hanawa, Yoshiaki Toba

    Antarctic Intermediate Water circulation in the tropical and subtropical South Atlantic.[Journal of Geophysical Research,100(7),(1995),13441-13453]Toshio Suga, Lynne D. Talley

    Thermostad distribution in the North Pacific subtropical gyre : The central mode water and the subtropical mode water.[Journal of Physical Oceanography,27(1),(1997),140-152]SUGA Toshio, et al.

    North Pacific Tropical Water : its climatology and temporal changes associated with the climate regime shift in 1970s.[Progress in Oceanography,47(2-4),(2000),223-256]Toshio Suga, Ayato Kato, Kimio Hanawa

    The North Pacific climatology of winter mixed layer and mode waters.[Journal of Physical Oceanography,34(1),(2004),3-22]T. Suga, K. Motoki, Y. Aoki, A. M. Macdonald

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    Review Papers

    海洋の大循環.[月刊地球,(号外44), (2004), 69-75]須賀利雄

    Argo: Taking the pulse of the ocean.[ARGOS forum,(64), (2007), 14-17]Suga, T.

    北太平洋の表層・中層水塊とその十年スケール変動.[月刊海洋,35(1), (2003), 39-45]須賀利雄

    Formation and modification of the surface water masses in the North Pacific.[海洋出版株式会社 Kaiyo Monthly,37(10), (2005), 742-747]Toshio Suga

    北太平洋回帰線水の長期変動.[月刊海洋,(号外24), (2000), 27-35]須賀利雄

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • The JOS Prize(2017)
    • Okada Prize of the Oceanographic Society of Japan(1997)
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    Activity of External Organization
    • Argo Steering Team(2018-)
    • Global Ocean Observing System運営委員会(2016-)
    • Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC)(2017-)
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