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TERADA Kenjiro
International Research Institute of Disaster Science
Regional and Urban Reconstruction Research Division
Computational Safety Engineering
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Infrastructural Materials Division

Date of Birth
Academic Degree
PH.D.(Doctor of Philosophy)
Master of Science and Engineering
Research Fields
  • Fundamental engineering(Computational Mechanics)
  • Civil engineering materials/execution/construction management(Computational Mechanics)
  • Structural engineering, earthquake engineering, maintenance management engineering(Applied Mechanics)
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Research Subjects
  • Development of multistage failure simulations for disaster risk evaluation(2016-)
  • Development of Multiscale CAE software(2006-)
  • Double damage model for evaluation of residual strength of steel structures subjected to earthquake excitations(2016-)
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Computational Mechanics, Computer-Aided Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Solid Mechanics
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本計算工学会
  • 土木学会
  • 日本機械学会
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Original Papers

Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Composite Materials using the Homogenization Method (1st Report, Formulation).[Trans. JSME(A),61(590),(1995),2199-2205]Kenjiro TERADA, Kohei YUGE, Noboru Kikuchi

Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Composite Materials using the Homogenization Method (2nd Report, Numerical Analysis).[Trans. JSME(A),62(601),(1996),2072-2079]Kenjiro TERADA, Kohei YUGE, Noboru Kikuchi

Microstructural design of composites using the homogenization method.[Materials Science Research International,2(2),(1996),65-72]Kenjiro TERADA, Noboru KUKUCHI

Global-Local constitutive modeling of composite materials by the homogenization method.[Materials Science Research International,2(2),(1996),73-80]Kenjiro TERADA, Noboru KUKUCHI

Macro and micro scale modeling of thermal residual stresses in metal matrix composite surface layers by the homogenization method.[Computational Mechanics,19(3),(1997),188-202]Dariusz GOLANSKI, Kenjiro TERADA, Noboru KIKUCHI

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Review Papers

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