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SHIKU Hitoshi
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry
Resources and Environment
Electrochemical Science and Technology
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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Biomolecular Engineering

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  • Physical chemistry
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    電気化学ナノイメージング、in監修 民谷栄一,“ナノ融合による先進バイオデバイス”第4章3節PP.156-162.[(2011)]珠玖 仁、末永智一、,シーエムシー出版,東京 2011年11月30日発行

    “シングルセル解析の最前線”, 単一細胞由来mRNA回収プローブの開発、(第4章3節PP.223-228 (9ページ))、.[株式会社シーエムシー出版,(2010)]珠玖 仁、伊野浩介、末永智一

    一細胞定量解析の最前線‐ライフサーベイヤ構築に向けて‐(第5章4節細胞操作のデバイスとマイクロシステム).[シーエムシー出版,(2006)]珠玖 仁、末永智一

    Bioelectrochemistry: fundamentals, experimental techniques, and applications, (Eds. P.N. Bartlett) (Chapter 7,Whole-cell biosensors,p. 249-266).[John Wiley & Sons Ltd., West Sussex, UK.,(2008)]H. Shiku, K. Nagamine, T. Kaya, T. Yasukawa, T. Matsue

    Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry(Chapter 8 (Scanning electrochemical microscopy applied to biological systems)).[Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry, Wiley-VCH,(2002)]H. Shiku, H. Ohya, T. Matsue

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    Original Papers

    Oxygen consumption of single bovine embryos probed by scanning electrochemical microscopy.[Analytical Chemistry,73(15),(2001),3751-3758]H. Shiku, T. Shiraishi, H. Ohya, T. Matsue, H. Abe, H. Hoshi, M. Kobayashi

    Simultaneous noncontact topography and electrochemical imaging by SECM/SICM featuring ion current feedback regulation.[J. Am. Chem. Soc.,132(29),(2010),10118-10126]Y. Takahashi, A. I. Shevchuk, P. Novak, Y. Murakami, H. Shiku, Y. E. Korchev, T. Matsue

    Multiparameter analyses of three dimensionally cultured tumor spheroids based on respiration activity and comprehensive gene expression profiles..[Anal. Biochem.,,439,(2013),187-193]Y. Zhou , T. Arai , Y. Horiguchi , K. Ino , T. Matsue, H. Shiku.

    Noninvasive measurement of respiratory activity of mouse embryoid bodies and its correlation with mRNA levels of undifferentiation/differentiation markers..[Molecular BioSystems,9,(2013),2701-2711]Hitoshi Shiku, Toshiharu Arai, Yuanshu Zhou, Nana Aoki, Taku Nishijo, Yoshiko Horiguchi, Kosuke Ino, Tomokazu Matsue

    Direct observation of DPPC domain motion on mica surface under conditions of high relative humidity.[J. Phys. Chem. B,102,(1998),3791-3797]H. Shiku, R. C. Dunn

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    Review Papers

    細胞内での分子反応を計測する―受精卵、細胞塊、組織の1細胞分析技術.[Journal of Japanese Society for Biomaterials7,30(3), (2012), 153-158]珠玖 仁, 末永智一

    呼吸活性を指標とした胚の品質評価―マウス胚移植試験の成績と産子の正常性について.[産婦人科の実際,59(9), (2010), 1375-1379]横尾正樹、伊藤-佐々木隆広、珠玖 仁、末永智一、阿部宏之

    電気化学的多点計測デバイス.[未来材料,9(8), (2009), 56-61]珠玖 仁、伊野浩介、末永智一

    Quality evaluation of embryos cultured in vitro by scanning electrochemical microscopy.[財バイオインダストリー協会 バイオサイエンスとインダストリー,66(6), (2008), 298-299]伊達安基, 阿部宏之, 珠玖 仁, 末永智一

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 市村学術賞(貢献賞)(2009)
    • The Young Scientists' Prize, The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education,Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(2009)
    • 電気化学会進歩賞・佐野賞(2004)
    • 山形県科学技術奨励賞(2003)
    • 2015年度先端分析技術賞、JAIMA機器開発賞(2015)
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