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YU Zhiqian
International Research Institute of Disaster Science
Disaster Medical Science Division
Disaster Psychiatry
Assistant Professor
Original Papers

Fluorescently activated cell sorting followed by microarray profiling of helper T cell subtypes from human peripheral blood.[PloS One,(2014)]Ono C, Yu Z, Kasahara Y, Kikuchi Y, Ishii N, Tomita H

Therapeutic concentration of lithium stimulates complement C3 production in dendritic cells and microglia via GSK-3 inhibition..[GLIA,(2014)]Yu Z, Ono C, Aiba S, Kikuchi Y, Sora I, Matsuoka H, Tomita H.

Fatty Acid Binding Protein 7 Regulates Phagocytosis and Cytokine Production in Kupffer Cells during Liver Injury..[Am J Pathol,(2014)]Miyazaki H, Sawada T, Kiyohira M, Yu Z, Nakamura K, Yasumoto Y, Kagawa Y, Ebrahimi M, Islam A, Sharifi K, Kawamura S, Kodama T, Yamamoto Y, Adachi Y, Tokuda N, Terai S, Sakaida I, Ishikawa T, Owada Y.

Prime role of bone IL-1 in mice may lie in emergency Ca2+-supply to soft tissues, not in bone-remodeling.[INT IMMUNOPHARMACOL,(2012)]Deng X, Oguria S, Funayama H, Ohtaki Y, Ohsako M, Yu Z, Sugawara S, Endo Y.

Role of platelets and macrophages in the protective effects of lipopolysaccaride against concanavalin A-induced murine hepatitis..[BBA-MOL BASIS DIS,(2011)]Yu Z, Otsuka H, Yamaguchi K, Kuroishi T, Sasano T, Sugawara S, Nakamura M, Endo Y.

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 第 33 回日本生物精神的神経医学会・優秀ポスター賞(2011)
  • JSNP Excellent Presentation Award for CINP 2010(2010)
  • 東北大学総長賞(2006)
  • 藤野記念奨励賞(2006)
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