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  • Geology
  • Earth astrochemistry
  • Science of rocks/minerals/ore deposits
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Research Subjects
  • New kind of volcano, petit-spot, on the Pacific Plate(2006-)
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Academic Society Membership
  • 日本地質学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本地球化学会, 広報委員(2014-)
  • 日本地質学会, 代議員(地方支部区)(2014-)
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Original Papers

Petit-spot as definitive evidence for partial melting in the asthenosphere caused by CO2.[Nature Communications,8,(2017),14302-]Shiki Machida, Tetsu Kogiso, Naoto Hirano

Geochemical/petrological interactions between subducting lithosphere and petit-spot magmas..[Chigaku Zasshi, Tokyo Geographical Society,126(2),(2017)]Naoto Hirano

Submarine lava fields in French Polynesia.[Marine Geology,373,(2016),39-48]Naoto Hirano, Masao Nakanishi, Natsue Abe, Shiki Machida

歯舞群島と色丹島の地質資料と岩石試料の重要性.[東北アジア研究,20,(2016),61-74]平野直人, 油谷拓, 山本順司

Relict chromian spinels in Tulu Dimtu serpentinites and listvenite, Western Ethiopia: implications for the timing of listvenite formation.[International Geology Review,(2016)]Ayano Sofiya, Akira Ishiwatari, Naoto Hirano, Tatsuki Tsujimori

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Review Papers

未知のマグマ活動の成因を探る~根室半島と歯舞群島.[一般財団法人北方文化振興協会 Arctic Circle,99, (2016)]平野直人

New kind of volcano on the Earth ―Geochronological studies of neutron-irradiated lavas erupted on the sea floor―.[Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University KINKEN Research Highlights,2011, (2011), 77]Naoto Hirano

Petit-spot volcanism: a new type of volcanic zone discovered near a trench.[Geochemical Journal,45(2), (2011), 157-167]Naoto Hirano

海洋プレートの進化と海底火山を理解するためのAr–Ar年代測定.[東京大学アイソトープ総合センター アイソトープ総合センターニュース,42(1), (2011), 10-16]平野直人

New insights into the oceanic lithosphere from petit-spot volcanoes and "Super-Mohole" project.[Geological Society of Japan Journal of Geological Society of Japan,116(1), (2010), 1-12]Naoto Hirano, Natsue Abe, Junji Yamamoto, Shiki Machida

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本岩石鉱物鉱床学会研究奨励賞(2007)
  • 日本地球化学会奨励賞(2008)
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Activity of External Organization
  • J-DESC IODP部会執行部(2013-2015)
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