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    Atmospheric radiation, radiative transfer, remote sensing, cloud, 3D radiative effects
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    • Meteorological Society of Japan
    • American Geophysical Union
    • Visualization Society of Japan
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    Light Scattering Reviews Vol. 2.[Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York,(2006)]H. Iwabuchi

    Modeling of radiative transfer in cloudy atmospheres and plant canopies using Monte Carlo methods.[FRCGC,(2006)]H. Iwabuchi, H. Kobayashi

    Modeling of radiative transfer in cloudy atmospheres and plant canopies using Monte Carlo methods.[FRCGC,(2008)]H. Iwabuchi, H. Kobayashi

    Recent Advances in Radiative Transfer Calculations and Their Applications in the Meteorology and Climate Studies.[日本気象学会,(2011)]T. Hayasaka, H. Iwabuchi

    Radiative Transfer in Three-Dimensional Atmosphere.[Meteorological Society of Japan,(2011)]H. Iwabuchi, H. Ishida, A. Sakurai

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    Original Papers

    Cloud Inhomogeneity Effect on the Retrieval of Cloud Optical Thickness from Satellite Measurement.[Proceedings of SPIE,4150,(2001),330-338]H. Iwabuchi, T. Hayasaka

    Combined measurements of clouds using satellites, aircraft, and ground measurements.[Proceedings of SPIE,4150,(2001),235-242]T. Hayasaka, H. Iwabuchi

    Effect of cloud condensation nuclei on the optical properties of a layer cloud: Numerical simulation with cloud-microphysical model.[Present and Future of Modeling Global Environmental Change: Toward Integrated Modeling, Terra Scientific Company, Tokyo, Japan,(2001)]N. Kuba, H. Iwabuchi, K. Maruyama, T. Hayasaka, T. Takeda

    Remote sensing of aerosol properties using NOAA AVHRR data over the Northeastern Asian seas: Development of retrieval system.[Northeast Asian Studies,6,(2002),143-156]H. Iwabuchi, A. Sobajima, J. Kudoh, and S. Asano

    Effects of cloud horizontal inhomogeneity on the optical thickness retrieved from moderate-resolution satellite data.[JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES,59(14),(2002),2227-2242]Iwabuchi, H Hayasaka, T

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