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SUTO Shozo
Graduate School of Science
Quantum Condensed Matter Physics
Surface Physics
Research Fields
  • Physical properties I(Surface Science)
  • Physical properties I(Optical properties of organic and inorganic materials)
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Surface Physics, High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectoroscopy, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Academic Society Membership
  • The Physical Society of Japan
  • The Surface Science Society of Japan
  • American Physical Society
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies, Editorial board member(2017-)
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Original Papers

Anisotropic electronic band structure of intrinsic Si(110) studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and first-principles calculations.[Physical Review B,96(9),(2017),125302(1-9)-]Stephane Yu Matsushita, Akari Takayama, Erina Kawamoto, Chunping Hu, Satoshi Hagiwara, Kazuyuki Watanabe, Takashi Takahashi, and Shozo Suto,

Effects of the deposition rate on growth modes of Ag islands on the hydrogenterminated Si(111)-(1 × 1) surface: The role of surface energy and quantum size effect.[Journal of Applied Physics,122(9),(2017),095303(1-7)-]Jungmin Kang, Toyoaki Eguchi, Erina Kawamoto, Stephane Yu Matsushita, Kenya Haga, Shino Kanagawa, Andrzej Wawro, Ryszard Czajka, Hiroki Kato, and Shozo Suto

Wet chemical preparation and isotope exchange process of H/D-terminated Si(111) and Si(110) studied by adsorbate vibrational analysis.[Jpn. J. Appl. Phys,56,(2017),025701-]Erina Kawamoto, Jungmin Kang, takuya Matsuda, Taro Yamada, Shozo Suto

Anisotropic Surface Phonon Dispersion of the Hydrogen-Terminated Si(110)-(1x1) Surface: One-Dimensional.[J. Chem. Phys,140(10),(2014),104709-1-8]S.Y. Matsushita, K. Matsui, H. Kato, T. Yamada, S.Suto

Surface Phonon Dispersion on Hydrogen-Terminated Si(110)-(1×1) Surfaces Studied.[Journal of Chemical Physics,143,(2015),214702-]S.Y. Matsushita, C. Hu, E. Kawamoto, H. Kato, K. Watanabe, S. Suto

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Review Papers

変位電流密度の役割.[物理教育(日本物理教育学会誌),62(1), (2014), 23-29]Satoshi N. Nakamura, Shozo Suto

変位電流は磁場を作るのか?.[Jounal of the Physics Education Society of Japan,60(4), (2012), 268-273]Satoshi Nakamura, Shozo Suto

全学理科系学生を対象とした“自然科学総合実験”.[日本工学教育協会 工学教育,57(1), (2009), 41-44]須藤 彰三

文科系のための自然科学総合実験の開講.[東北大学 東北大学高等教育開発推進センター紀要,(4), (2009), 187-198]須藤 彰三

文科系のための自然科学総合実験.[日本物理学会 日本物理学会誌,64(3), (2009), 208-211]須藤 彰三

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 金属研究助成会奨励賞(2)(1987)
  • 科学計測振興会賞(2000)
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