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KIYAMA Sachiko
Graduate School of Arts and Letters
Integrated Human Sciences
Psychology and Linguistics
Associate Professor
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      Original Papers

      Individual mentalizing ability boosts flexibility toward a linguistic marker of social distance: An ERP investigation..[Journal of Neurolinguistics,47,(2018),1-15]Kiyama, S., Verdonschot, R., Xiong, K., & Tamaoka, K.

      Interference of context and bilinguality with the word order preference in Kaqchikel reversible sentences..[Tohoku Psychological Folia,75,(2017),22-34]Kiyama, S., Sun, M., Kim, J., Tamaoka, K., & Koizumi, M.

      From universal perceptions to diverging behaviors: An exploratory comparison of responses to unreasonable accusations among the United States, Japan and South Korea..[International Journal of Linguistics and Communication,4,(2016),19-33]Kiyama, S., Takatori, Y., Lim, H., & Tamaoka, K.

      Use of the sit-to-stand task to evaluate motor function of older adults using telemetry.[BMC Geriatrics,,16,(2016),1-10]Kanai, A., Kiyama, S., Goto, H., Tomita, H., Tanaka, A., Kunimi, M., Okada, T, & Nakai, T.

      Involvement of the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in learning others’ bad reputations and indelible distrust.[Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,10(28),(2016),1-13]Suzuki, A., Ito, Y., Kiyama, S., Kunimi, M., Ohira, H., Kawaguchi, J., Tanabe, H. C., & Nakai, T.

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