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Institute for Materials Research
Professional development Consortium for Computational Materials Scientists
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Doctor of Philosophy(Engineering)
Research Fields
  • Mathematical physics/fundamental theory of physical properties
  • Living organism physics/chemical physics
  • General applied physics
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Solid-Liquid-Gas Phase Transition, Glass Transition,Soft Material,Colloidal Suspensions, Computer Simulation
Academic Society Membership
  • Material Research Society
  • Society of Rheology
  • The Physical Siciety of Japan
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    Original Papers

    Universalities in the dynamics of suspensions of magnetic colloidal chains confined in thin films.[Journal of the Physical Society of Japan,78,(2009),084803-1-084803-6]Y. Terada, M. Tokuyama

    Lateral diffusion of magnetic colloidal chains confined in thin films and monolayer colloids.[Journal of the Physical Society of Japan,79,(2010),034802-1-034802-6]Y. Terada, and M. Tokuyama

    How Different Is a Hard-Sphere Fluid from Suspension of Hard-Sphere Colloids near the Glass Transition?.[Physica A,375,(2007),18-36]Michio Tokuyama and Yayoi Terada

    Novel liquid- and crystal-droplet phases on highly charged colloidal suspensions.[Physica A,334(3-4),(2004),327-334]Terada Y, Tokuyama M

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