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HOMMA Noriyasu
Graduate School of Medicine
Health Sciences
Basic Radiological Science
Radiological Imaging and Informatics
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering

Member of Research Organization of Electrical Communication
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Research Fields
  • Intelligent informatics
  • Medical systems
  • Radiation science
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Research Subjects
  • Study on human brain functions using engineering models(1999-)
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Complex Systems, Brain Functions, Chaos
Academic Society Membership
  • IEEE(1998/10-)
  • 計測自動制御学会(1991/06-)
  • AAPM(2012/07-)
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Technical Committee Member(2007-)
  • Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, 副編集長(2006-)
  • International Journal of Engineering Business Management, Editorial Board Member(2008-)
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Static and Dynamic Neural Networks, From Fundamentals to Advanced Theory.[IEEE Press & Wiley,(2003)]M. M. Gupta L. Jin N. Homma

Applied Research in Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis.[Springer,(2005)]A. Okine Ayyub ed. N. Homma et al.

Feature Extraction, Foundations and Applications.[Springer,(2006)]L. Zadeh et al. ed. M. M. Gupta N. Homma Z. -G. Hou

Pattern Recognition.[In-Tech,(2009)]Noriyasu Homma

Theory and Applications of CT Images.[In-Tech,(2011)]Noriyasu Homma

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Original Papers

An Approach to Stable Gradient-Descent Adaptation of Higher Order Neural Units.[IEEE Trans. Neural Netw. Learn. Syst.,28(9),(2017),2022-2034]Bukovsky, Ivo Homma, Noriyasu

Tracking tumor boundary in MV-EPID images without implanted markers: A feasibility study..[Med Phys,42(5),(2015),2510-2523]Zhang, Xiaoyong Homma, Noriyasu Ichiji, Kei Takai, Yoshihiro Yoshizawa, Makoto

Quantitative activation-induced manganese-enhanced MRI reveals severity of Parkinson's disease in mice..[Sci Rep,5,(2015),12800]Kikuta, Satomi Nakamura, Yukiyo Yamamura, Yukio Tamura, Atsushi Homma, Noriyasu Yanagawa, Yuchio Tamura, Hajime Kasahara, Jiro Osanai, Makoto

A kernel-based method for markerless tumor tracking in kV fluoroscopic images.[Physics in Medicine and Biology,59,(2014),4897-4911]Xiaoyong Zhang, Noriyasu Homma, Kei Ichiji, Makoto Abe, Norihiro Sugita, Yoshihiro Takai, Yuichiro Narita, and Makoto Yoshizawa

Markerless Lung Tumor Motion Tracking by Dynamic Decomposition of X-ray Image Intensity.[Journal of Medical Engineering,2013,(2013)]N. Homma, Y. Takai, H. Endo, K. Ichiji, Y. Narita, X. Zhang, M. Sakai, M. Osanai, M. Abe, N. Sugita, M. Yoshizawa

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Review Papers

MLC Trackingのための呼吸性肺腫瘍移動の予測法.[株式会社メディカルアイ Rad Fan,12(3), (2014), 97-100]本間経康,髙井良尋,市地慶,張暁勇,成田雄一郎

情報通信技術(ICT)は医療福祉問題の救世主か?.[生体医工学,49(2), (2011), 387-389]吉澤誠,杉田典大,阿部誠,西條芳文,本間経康,金野敏,山家智之,仁田新一


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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • KACC Best Paper Award(2000)
  • 7.American Association of Medical Physics, John R. Cameron Young Investigator Competition Finalists(2010)
  • 生体医工学シンポジウムベストリサーチアワード(2012)
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