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SEGAWA Masahisa
Center for Northeast Asian Studies
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Division of Chinese Studies
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Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment
Society of Northeast Asia
Social Anthropology

Research Fields
  • Cultural anthropology/folklore studies(Cultural Anthropology)
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Research Subjects
  • Anthropological Study of Chinese Lineage organization(1982-)
  • Ethnicity of Han-Chinese in South China(1986-)
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kinship,ethnicity,south China,local traditions
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      Chinese Lineage and Society: Cange and Current Study.[Fukyosha,(2016)]Masahisa Segawa, Yukihiro Kawaguchi

      Hakka : Ethnicity and Boundary of Han-Chinese in South China.[Fukyosha,(1993)]Masahisa Segawa

      Anthropology of Chinese Society: A View from Kinship and Family.[Sekaishisousha,(2004)]Masahisa Segawa

      Anthropology of Ethnic Concept in Modern China.[Showado,(2012)]Masahisa Segawa Shicai Zeng Haruhiko Nishizawa Masako Matsuoka Shigeyuki Tsukada Kiyoshi Hasegawa Hideaki Kikuchi Toshihiro Ueno

      Anthropological Studies on Transnational Families and Individuals.[古今書院,(2018)]編者:瀬川昌久 執筆者:李華、兼城糸絵、リー・ペレスファビオ、太田心平、上水流久彦、川口幸大、李斌、瀬川昌久

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      Original Papers

      Revival of Lineage as a Culture Resource in Contemporary China.[Northeast Asian Studies,(18),(2014),81-98]Masahisa Segawa

      Changing Hakka Ethnicity and Cultural Resource.[Fusaji Takeuchi and Shigeyuki Tsukada eds. Culture Resource in China: Through the Analysis of its South Regions,(2014),119-158]Masahisa Segawa

      Politics of Clans and Lineages: Written genealogies as Culture Resource and their Manipulation in Contemporary China.[Northeast Asian Studies,16,(2012),199-216]Masahisa SEGAWA

      Hainan Island: Relations among Lee and Han Groups from Late Qing up to Present.[Northeastern Asian Study Series 10,(2009)]Masahisa SEGAWA

      Lineage and Clan Activities of Cantonese and Contemporary China.[Modern Era of East Asia and Japan,(2007)]Masahisa Segawa

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      Review Papers

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      Honours, Awards and Prizes
      • 渋沢賞(1995)
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