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Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society
Resources Strategies
Geomaterial and Energy
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  • Science of rocks/minerals/ore deposits
  • Geology
  • Earth resources system engineering
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high-pressure metamorphism, reaction-deformation interaction, fluid-rock interaction, subduction zone, fluid flow
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本地質学会
  • 日本地球惑星科学連合
  • 日本鉱物科学会
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    Original Papers

    Contrasting fracture patterns induced by volume-increasing and -decreasing reactions: implications for the progress of metamorphic reactions..[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,(2015)]Okamoto A, Shimizu H

    Phase-filed modeling of epitaxial growth of polycrystalline quartz veins in hydrothermal experiments.[Geofluids,(2015)]Wendler, F., Okamoto A, Blum, P

    Competitive hydration and dehydration at olivine-quartz boundary revealed by hydrothermal experiments: implications for silica metasomatism at the crust-mantle boundary.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,425(44-54),(2015)]Oyanagi, R., Okamoto, A., Hirano, N., Tsuchiya, N.

    Free-energy landscape and nucleation pathway of polymorphic minerals from solution in a Potts lattice-gas model.[Physical Review E,(2015)]Okamoto, A., Kuwatani, T., Omori, T., Hukushima, K.

    Velocity of vertical fluid ascent within vein-forming fractures.[Geology,37,(2009),563-566]Okamoto A, Tsuchiya N

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