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YU Jeongsoo
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies
Department of International Environment and Resources Policy
Assigned Class
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Division of International Cultural Studies
Department of International Environment and Resources Policy

Vice Dean
Academic Degree
Ph.D(Urban and Regional Planning)
Master of Urban & Regional Planning
BA in Engineering
Research Fields
  • Environmental impact assessment/environmental policy(Waste Management and Recycling Policy)
  • Recycling engineering
  • Social system engineering/safety system
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Research Subjects
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    Urban Environmental Policy, Resources Recycling oriented Social-environment System, Urban Mining Policy, Automotive Recycling
    Academic Society Membership
    • 廃棄物資源循環学会
    • Japan Macro Engineers Society
    • Japan Association of Regional Policy
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    Activity of Academic Society (Post)
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      Environmental Impacts of Road Vehicles: Past, Present and Future.[The Royal Society of Chemistry,(2017)]Jeongsoo Yu, Shuoyao Wang, Kosuke Toshiki, Kevin Roy B. Serrona, Gengyao Fan and Baatar Erdenedalai

      World watching through dust.[Samsung Economic Research Institute,(2006)]YU, Jeong-soo

      Automotive Recycling.[Japan Automotive Recyclers Association,(2011)]Taku Oshima, Minoru Goko, Jeongsoo Yu, Masahide Nuki, Sosho Kitajima

      The Dictionary of Automobile Recycling.[日報出版,(2012)]劉 庭秀、車 佳外6人

      最新 材料の再資源化技術事典.[(2017)]宮入 裕夫 他
      ISBN978-4-915957-97-0 C3

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      Original Papers

      Emerging Issues on Urban Mining in Automobile Recycling: Outlook on Resource Recycling in East Asia.[Integrated Waste Management- Volume Ⅱ,(2011),165-180]Yu Jeongsoo, Che Jia, Omura Michiaki and Kevin Roy B. Serrona

      Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework to integrate and formalize the informal waste and recycling sector: The case of the Philippine National Framework Plan.[Waste Management & Research,32(9),(2014),882-895]Kevin Roy B Serrona, Emelita Aguinaldo and Leonardo M Florece

      Municipal Waste Management in Metropolitan Manila, Philippines: The Role of the City and the Informal Waste Sector in Mitigating Climate Change.[Regional Development Dialogue, UNCDR,31(2),(2011),20-36]Kevin Roy B. Serrona, Jeong-soo YU

      Finding urban waste management solutions and policies:Waste-to-Energy development and livelihood support system in Payatas, Metro Manila, Philippines.[Journal of Environmental Sciences,(Supplement),(2009),S40-S43]SERONNA Kevin Roy, YU Jeong-soo

      The Current Scenario on ELV Recycling Systems in Asia.[廃棄物資源循環学会誌,21(2),(2010),87-95]Jeongsoo YU

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      Review Papers

      스크랩 품질 보증시대.[스크랩워치 신문사 Scrap Watch, (2011)]Yu,Jeong-soo

      폐차 스크랩은 몇 점인가?.[스크랩워치 신문사 Scrap Watch, (2011)]Yu,Jeong-soo

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      Honours, Awards and Prizes
      • Official commendation for Excellent Environmental Book(2006)
      • 第1回日本マクロエンジニアリング学会優秀論文賞(2008)
      • Excellent International Poster Presentation(2006)
      • Energy Globe Award National Winner(2010)
      • 日本マクロエンジニアリング学会研究発表会「優秀プレゼンテーション賞」(2012)
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      Activity of External Organization
      • Asian Automotive Environmental Forum(2009-)
      • Seoul City(2010-2011)
      • Korea Automobile Recyclers Association(2009-)
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