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OMURA Tatsuo
New Industry Creation Hatchery Center
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Research Fields
  • Civil engineering environmental system
  • Civil engineering environmental system
  • Civil engineering environmental system
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Research Subjects
  • evelopment of virus removal technology with virus-binding protein(1996-)
  • Evaluation of water environment in the river based on the benthic fauna(1996-)
  • Risk evaluation of waterborne infectious diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms(1996-)
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pathogenic microorganisms,water environment,risk detection/evaluation/reduction,watershed management
Academic Society Membership
  • 土木学会
  • 日本水環境学会
  • 国際水学会(IWA)
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    Original Papers

    Detection of Sapovirus in water.[Emerging Infectious Diseases,13(1),(2007),133-135]Grant S. Hansman,Daisuke Sano,You Ueki,Takahiro Imai,Tomoichiro Oka,Kazuhiko Katayama,Naokazu Takeda,Tatsuo Omura

    Genetic variation in the conservative gene region of Norovirus genogroup II strains in environmental and stool samples.[Environmental Science and Technology,40(23),(2006),7423-7427]Daisuke Sano, You Ueki, Toru Watanabe, Tatsuo Omura

    Superoxide-meditated dissolution of amorphous ferric oxyhydroxide in seawater.[Environmental Science and Technology,40(3),(2006),880-887]Fujii M., Rose A.L., Waite T.D. and Omura T.

    Virus-binding proteins recovered from bacterial culture derived from activated sludge by affinity chromatography assay using a viral capsid peptide.[Applied and Environmental Microbiology,70(6),(2004),3434-3442]Daisuke Sano, Takahiro Matsuo and Tatsuo Omura

    Detection of enteric viruses in municipal sewage sludge by a combination of the enzymatic virus elution method and RT-PCR.[Water Research,37(14),(2003),3490-3498]Daisuke Sano, Kensuke Fukushi, Yasuko Yoshida and Tatsuo Omura

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    Review Papers

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    Honours, Awards and Prizes
    • 日本水環境学会学術賞(2006)
    • 第40回環境工学研究フォーラム論文賞(2004)
    • 第41回環境工学研究フォーラム論文賞(2005)
    • 月刊「水」賞(2006)
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