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TAJIMA Ryosuke
Graduate School of Agriculture
Field Science Center,Graduate School of Agricultural Science
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Graduate School of Agriculture
Division of Biological Resource Sciences
Field Science Center
Laboratory of Environmental Crop Science

Assistant Professor
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          Original Papers

          Comparison of threshold algorithms for automatic image processing of rice roots using freeware ImageJ.[Field Crops Research,121,(2011),460-463]Tajima, R. and Y. Kato

          温泉熱を利用した小規模メタン発酵システムの調査と基礎実験.[日本エネルギー学会誌,91,(2012),892-899]鈴木崇司, 田島亮介, 多田千佳

          Root growth response of rainfed lowland rice to aerobic conditions in northeastern Thailand.[Plant and Soil,(2013)]Kato, Y., R. Tajima, K. Homma, A. Toriumi, J. Yamagishi, T. Shiraiwa, P. Mekwatanakarn and B. Jongdee

          Assessing energy efficiencies and greenhouse gas emissions under bioethanol-oriented paddy rice production in northern Japan.[Journal of Environmental Management,92,(2011),967-973]Koga, N. and R. Tajima

          A Quick Method to Estimate Root Length Distribution in Diameter Classes by Using Freeware ImageJ.[Plant Production Science,16(1),(2013),9-11]Tajima, R. and Y. Kato

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