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  • Geometry
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    submanifold, mean curvature, minimal surface
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    • 日本数学会
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      Surfaces with Constant Mean Curvature.[American Mathematical Society,(2003)]Katsuei Kenmotsu

      Surfaces with constant mean curvature.[Baifukan,(2000)]Katsuei Kenmotsu

      「Differential Geometry of Submanifolds」, Lecture Notes in Mathematics Vol.1090.[Springer-Verlag, Berlin,(1984)]Katsuei Kenmotsu (editor)

      Differentail Geometry and Related Topics.[World Scientific,(2003)]G. Cahohao, et al(editors)

      Introduction to Linear Algebra.[Shokabou,(1988)]F. Uchida, H. Takagi, K. Kenmotsu, H. Urakawa

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      Original Papers

      The classification of the surfaces with parallel mean curvature vector in two -dimensional complex space forms.[American Journal of Mathematics,122,(2000),295-317]Katsuei Kenmotsu, Detang Zhou

      On minimal surfaces of constant curvature in two-dimensional complex space form.[J. reine angew. Math. (Crelle's Journal),523,(2000),69-101]Katsuei Kenmotsu, Kyuya Masuda

      Surfaces of revolution with periodic mean curvature.[Osaka Journal of Mathematics,40(3),(2003),687-696]Katsuei Kenmotsu

      Weierstrass formula for surfaces of prescribed mean curvature.[Mathematische Annalen,245(1),(1979),85-99]Katsuei Kenmotsu

      A class of almost contact Riemannian manifolds.[Tohoku Mathematical Journal,24(1),(1972),93-103]Katsuei Kenmotsu

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      Review Papers

      Minimal Surfaces.[Nihonhyouronsha Have Fun with Mathematics,(夏), (2004), 92-104]上野健爾、砂田利一、新井仁之(編集)

      蘇 歩青先生90歳記念微分幾何学国際シンポジウムについての報告.[Iwanami Shoten Mathematics,44(3), (1992), 263]Edited by Mathematical Society of Japan

      微分幾何学とCG(コンピューターグラフィクス).[日本評論社 数学セミナー,(492), (2002), 30-33]剱持 勝衛

      Extrinsic Curvature.[Nippon-Hyoron-sha Mathematics Seminar, (2000)]K. Kenmotsu

      On Veronese-Boruvka Spheres.[Masaryk University Archivum mathematicum,33(1-2), (1997)]F. Neumann, P. Sarmanova, J. B. Kruskal, K. Kenmotsu,

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