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Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering for Health and Welfare
Neural Electronic Engineering
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Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Electronic Engineering

Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
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Research Fields
  • Biomedical engineering/biological material studies(Medical Electronics and Biological Engineering)
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Research Subjects
  • Study on Control of Neuromuscular System by Functional Electrical Stimulation(FES)(1990-)
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FES,motion control,motion measurement,evaluation of motor function,wearable sensor,user interface
Academic Society Membership
  • Japan Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
  • IEEE(The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Enginees,Inc.)
  • International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本生体医工学会, 代議員(2005-2009)
  • バイオメカニズム学会, 評議員(2006-)
  • バイオメカニズム学会・編集委員会, 編集委員(2003-2007)
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Original Papers

An Approach to a Muscle Model with a Stimulus Frequency-Force Relationship for FES Applications.[IEEE Trans. Rehab. Engng.,7(1),(1999),12-18]T.Watanabe, R.Futami. N.Hoshimiya. Y.Handa

A Study on Feedback Error Learning Controller for FES: Generation of Target Trajectories by Minimum Jerk Model.[Artificial Organs,35(3),(2011),270-274]Takashi Watanabe, Keisuke Fukushima

A Preliminary Test of Measurement of Joint Angles and Stride Length with Wireless Inertial Sensors for Wearable Gait Evaluation System.[Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience,2011,(2011)]Takashi Watanabe, Hiroki Saito, Eri Koike, Kazuki Nitta

Examination of Inertial Sensor-Based Estimation Methods of Lower Limb Joint Moments and Ground Reaction Force: Results for Squat and Sit-to-Stand Movements in the Sagittal Plane.[Sensors,16(8),(2016)]Jun Kodama,Takashi Watanabe

Development of a Prototype of Portable FES Rehabilitation System for Relearning of Gait for Hemiplegic Subjects.[Healthcare Technology Letters,3(4),(2016),284-289]Takashi Watanabe, Shun Endo, Ryusei Morita

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Review Papers

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Control for Restoration and Rehabilitation of Motor Function.[IGI Global Technological Advances in Biomedicine for Healthcare Applications, (2012), 80-93]Takashi Watanabe, Naoto Miura

FESによる麻痺肢の運動制御とそのリハビリテーション応用に向けて.[電気学会誌,136(10), (2016), 670-673]渡邉高志

Cyborg technology and gait assistance - A possibility of functional electrical stimulation (FES)-.[Journal of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineering,47(12), (2008), 1045-1050]Takashi Watanabe

FESによる運動機能代行 -現在の方法と課題,制御技術の開発-.[日本エム・イー学会雑誌BME,18(4), (2004), 3-10]渡邉高志,星宮 望

運動麻痺の機能再建のための機能的電気刺激(FES)技術.[最新医学,58(6月増刊), (2003), 1496-1506]渡邉高志,星宮 望

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 平成12年度科学新聞賞・研究奨励賞・阪本研究刊行助成賞・阿部賞(2001)
  • 石田實記念財団研究奨励賞(2013)
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