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KIJIMA Akihiro
Graduate School of Agriculture
Tohooku Ecosystem-Associated Marine Sciences
Assigned Class
Graduate School of Agriculture
Field Science Center,Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Research Professor
Date of Birth
Academic Degree
Dr. of Agriculture
Research Fields
  • General fishery studies(Fish Genetics and Breeding Science)
  • Environmental agriculture
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Research Subjects
  • Genetic study of population structure in natural aquatic organisms(1981)
  • Genetics and breeding study on marine invertebrates for aquaculture(1996)
  • Genetic studies for the interactions between natural and cultured populations in aquatic organisms(1996)
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Aquatic animals, Invertebrates, Genetics and Breeding, Population genetics, Conservation, Aquaculture, Fisheries science
Academic Society Membership
  • 日本水産学会
  • 日本遺伝学会
  • 日本魚類学会
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    A Handbook on Fisheries Science.[(株)生物研究社,(2004)]木島明博,吉崎悟朗

    Evaluation and Expression of Phenotypes in Aquatic Organisms for Genetics and Breeding.[恒星社厚生閣,(1998)]KIJIMA Akihiro

    "Isozymes: Structure, Function, and Use in Biology and Medicine", Genetic analysis of population structure in marine teleosts around Japan.[Wiley-Liss,Inc.,N.Y.,(1990)]Kijima,A. and Y.Fujio

    Population Structure and Conservation of Genetic Resources in Aquatic Animals.[Oyster Research Institute,(1999)]FUJIO Yoshihisa, KIJIMA Akihiro

    山内文男編「バイオテクノロジー」, 水産バイオテクノロジー -つくり育てる漁業と性の制御-.[光琳社,(1987)]Fujio, Y. and A. Kijima

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    Original Papers

    Inbreeding depression traits in Pacific abalone Haliotis discus hannai by factorial mating experiments.[Fisheries Science,72(4),(2006),774-780]Choul-ji PARK, Qi LI, Toshimasa KOBAYASHI, Akihiro KIJIMA

    Segregation of microsatellite alleles in gynogenetic diploid Pacific abalone (Haliotis discus hannai).[Marine Biotechnology,7,(2005),669-676]Q. Li, A. Kijima

    Microsatellite analysis of gynogenetic families in the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas.[J. Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology,(331),(2006),1-8]Q. Li, A. Kijima

    Genetic control of whitish shell color variation in the Pacific abalone, Haliotis discus hannai.[Fish Genetics and Breeding Science,34(2),(2005),143-147]Kobayashi, T., M. Hara, S. Kikuchi, S. Sakamoto, A. Kijima

    Isolation and characterization of twenty microsatellite loci in Japanese sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus).[Marine Biotechnology,7,(2005),179-183]Kanno, M., Q. Li, A. Kijima

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    Review Papers

    Genetics and Breeding Study on Color Variants of Japanese Sea Cucumber, Stichopus (Apostichopus) japonicus.[Fish Genetics and Breeding Science,36, (2006), 15-23]Manami KANNO, Akihiro KIJIA

    Current sutudies on genetics and breeding science in abalone.[Journal of Animal Genetics,32(2), (2005), 101-112]KIJIMA Akihiro

    Development of genetics and breeding in abalone culture.[Fisheries Science,68(suppliment), (2002), 730-733]KIJIMA Akihiro, LI Qi, PARK Coulji

    Genetic Aspects for Conservation of Tetsugyo in Yutorinuma Pond.[「魚取沼のテツギョ保全対策事業」基礎調査報告書, (2000), 17-38]KIJIMA Akihiro

    Genetic structure and breeding management for populations of aquatic organisms.[Fish Genet. Breed. Sci.,24, (1997), 53-64]KIJIMA Akihiro

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