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Graduate School of Science
Fuluid Geophysics
Atomosheric Science Laboratory
Research Fields
  • Weather/oceanic physics/hydrology
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Research Subjects
  • Study on heat and water balance of ground surface(1989-)
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Academic Society Membership
  • 日本気象学会
  • 日本雪氷学会
  • 水文・水資源学会
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Activity of Academic Society (Post)
  • 日本雪氷学会, 副会長(2015-2017)
  • 日本雪氷学会, 理事(2013-2017)
  • 日本雪氷学会 東北支部, 支部長(2013-2017)
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Original Papers

Water and Energy Exchanges at Forests and a Grassland in Eastern Siberia Evaluated using a One-dimensional Land Surface Model.[J. Hydrometeorology,5(3),(2004),504-515]Yamazaki, T. H. Yabuki, Y. Ishii, T. Ohta, T. Ohata

A one-dimensional land surface model adaptable to intensely cold regions and its applications in Eastern Siberia.[J. Meteor. Soc. Japan,79(6),(2001),1107-1118]Yamazaki, T.

A Common Stomatal Parameter Set to Simulate the Energy and Water Balance over Boreal and Temperate Forests.[J. Meteor. Soc. Japan,91,(2013),273-285]Yamazaki, T., K. Kato, T. Ito, T. Nakai, K. Matsumoto, N. Miki, H. Park and T. Ohta

Hydrometeorological effects of intercepted snow in an eastern Siberian taiga forest using a land surface model.[Hydrological Processes,21,(2007),1148-1156]Yamazaki, T., H. Yabuki and T. Ohata

Flux variation in a Siberian taiga forest near Yakutsk estimated by a one-dimensional model with routine data, 1986-2000.[Hydrological Processes,21,(2007),2009-2015]Yamazaki T., T. Ohta, R. Suzuki, T. Ohata

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Review Papers

Snow-cover model.[Journal of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice,68(6), (2006), 607-612]Takeshi Yamazaki, Konosuke Sugiura

森林帯での積雪過程.[Journal of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice,68(6), (2006), 589-598]鈴木和良,山崎剛,太田岳史

東シベリア・カラマツ林における水・エネルギー・炭素循環 ‐GAME, CREST, RIHN の成果より‐.[水文・水資源学会誌,29(5), (2016), 294-312]太田岳史,小谷亜由美,檜山哲哉,山崎剛,T. C. Maximov

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Honours, Awards and Prizes
  • 日本雪氷学会平田賞(2001)
  • 東北雪氷賞学術賞(2001)
  • 東北雪氷賞功績賞(2019)
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