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Nurbosyn Zhanpeisov
Institute for Excellence in Higher Education
Division of Developmental Research in Education Programs
Section of Natural Science
Associate Professor
Quantum Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Catalysis
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    Theoretical ab initio and DFT studies on interactions of small molecules with transition metal modified zeolites and titania catalysts: Structures, reaction mechanismsm IR properties, In: Quantum chemical calculations of surfaces and interfaces of materials.[ASP Publ.,(2009)]N.U. Zhanpeisov

    Theoretical ab initio studies of the interaction of molecules with transition metals containing zeolites and silicalites: A case study of the interaction of NO molecules. In: Photofunctional Zeolites: Synthesis, Characterization, Photocatalytic Reactions, Light Harvesting.[(2000)]N.U. Zhanpeisov, M. Anpo

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    Original Papers

    Single Bovin Serum Albumin Molecule Can Hold Plural Blue-Emissive Gold Nanoclusters: A Quantitative Study With Two-Photon Excitation.[Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry,357,(2018),168-174]H. Alkindi, A. Mohamed, S. Kajimoto, N. Zhanpeisov, H. Horino, Y. Shibata, I.I. Rzeznicka, H. Fukumura

    Organic Probe Molecule Adsorption on Extended Au(111) surface: A Theoretical DFT Study.[Research on Chemical Intermediates,43(9),(2017),5283-5292]N.U. Zhanpeisov, H. Fukumura

    Theoretical DFT Study on Structure and Chemical Activity of New Carbon K4 Clusters.[Research on Chemical Intermediates,39,(2013),2141-2148]N.U. Zhanpeisov

    Theoretical DFT study of the structure and chemical activity of small indium (III) oxide clusters.[Research on Chemical Intermediates,37,(2011),647-658]N.U. Zhanpeisov, H. Nakatani, H. Fukumura

    On the origin of the Raman band shifts for H-bonded complexes of normal alcohols and 2-butoxyethanol with water: A theoretical DFT and MP2 study.[Chemical Physics Letters,491,(2010),151-155]N.U. Zhanpeisov, S. Takanashi, S. Kajimoto, H. Fukumura

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